Want to Know If a New Drug Crisis Is Growing? Check the Wastewater

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Quarterly insights from the RAND Drug Policy Research Center

MAY 2020

Scientist taking water samples, photo by Smederevac/Getty Images

Want to Know If a New Drug Crisis Is Growing? Check the Wastewater

To respond rapidly to a crisis in its early stages, we need real-time warnings when drug use patterns are shifting. It's time for the U.S. to get serious about wastewater testing. Read more »

Law gavel, alcohol and car keys on a wooden desk, photo by Rawf8/Adobe Stock

Photo by Rawf8/Adobe Stock

Innovative Alcohol Sobriety Program Reduces Risk of Rearrest by Nearly 50%

An innovative statewide alcohol-monitoring program that requires drunk drivers to be tested frequently for alcohol use significantly lowers the likelihood that participants will be rearrested or have probation revoked.

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Man in hospital gown holding newborn baby, photo by manonalard/Getty Images

Photo by manonalard/Getty Images

State Policies Related to Substance Use in Pregnancy

Three policy wheels illustrate the evolution from 2000 to 2015 of state policy environments related to substance use in pregnancy. Punitive or potentially punitive policies were more commonly enacted than were policies supporting treatment.

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Woman looking out window with wine bottle and glass on table in foreground, photo by kieferpix/Getty Images

Photo by kieferpix/Getty Images

Do We Know How to Treat Alcohol Misuse in Women?

Despite the many clinical trials that have demonstrated the effectiveness and safety of treatments for alcohol use disorder, we still know little about whether men and women respond differently to treatment. Without knowing whether recommended treatments are effective for women, women are vulnerable to the consequences of alcohol misuse.

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The Future of Fentanyl and Other Synthetic Opioids, image by the RAND Corporation

How Fentanyl and Other Synthetics Are Driving the Opioids Surge

Synthetic opioids, such as fentanyl, are now the driving force behind U.S. opioid-involved overdose deaths.

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Beau Kilmer

Beau Kilmer

Director, RAND Drug Policy Research Center