Welcome to the RAND Center for Quality Policing

The RAND Center for Quality Policing (CQP) provides research and analysis to improve the practices, policies, and technologies used in policing. Our findings are of interest to police at all levels, law enforcement technology developers, law enforcement policymakers and funders, and the general public.

CQP is part of the Justice Policy Program within RAND Social and Economic Well-Being.

Agency and Research Partnerships

The CQP is looking for police agency partners to participate in federally-funded research projects. The Center is open to partnerships both in which the agency applies for federal grants and RAND serves as the research and evaluation partner, or in which RAND applies for grants and the agency receives funding as a subgrantee.

We are always interested in research and analysis partnerships with policing associations, nonprofit organizations, universities, and experts interested in improving the practice of policing, in the US, in Europe, and around the world.

For more information about partnership opportunities with CQP, please contact center staff at CQP@rand.org. Please include your contact information.

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