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The RAND Center for Quality Policing (CQP) provides research and analysis to improve the practices, policies, and technologies used in policing. Our findings are of interest to police at all levels, law enforcement technology developers, law enforcement policymakers and funders, and the general public. CQP is part of the Justice Policy Program within RAND Social and Economic Well-Being.

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    How to Transform Policing

    Jul 9, 2020

    The killing of George Floyd and other abuses of power have brought about growing calls to alter how we conduct public safety and, more broadly, criminal justice in America. Evidence shows there is substantial room for improvement.

Responding to the Death of George Floyd

  • A Statement by Michael D. Rich

    Jun 3, 2020

    Everyone must do more to eliminate racial inequities. At RAND, we will contribute by continuously strengthening our research and analysis on health, education, justice, security, and well-being. We must examine where these areas intersect, listen more to voices that are too often underrepresented, and integrate the historical and structural contexts in which policies have been developed and applied.

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COVID-19 and Policing

  • An increasing number of police officers and deputies have been exposed or tested positive for the coronavirus. Instead of relying on existing resources, gaps in personnel coverage could be filled by easing restrictions on the hiring of retired police officers.
  • From closed courts to increased risk for first responders, the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced new challenges for the justice system. RAND research provides insights that may be helpful as decisionmakers try and address some of these issues.
  • The latest Center for Quality Policing newsletter summarizes RAND research of interest to police agencies during COVID-19, including information on protecting first responders during major incident response, combating misinformation, and detecting attack plots by those planning to use the outbreak to further acts of violence.

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