Tool for Ranking Courts Innovations Needs

This interactive tool for ranking court innovation needs allows users to re-prioritize the needs, based on their own views of the importance of different court system goals.

This tool is part of a larger effort to analyze and prioritize technology and related needs throughout the criminal justice community for the National Institute of Justice's National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center system.

The default priority levels represent the rankings determined by the NIJ Courts Advisory Panel. As part of the larger effort, RAND developed a technology and practice taxonomy to assist in identifying and categorizing criminal justice innovations. This tool uses those categories to organize the needs identified by the court advisory panel. We published a full interactive version of the technology taxonomy, adapted to the corrections domain in 2015.

To use the tool, increase or decrease the weight given to the different goals using the Adjust Policy Goal Priorities slider bars (left for lower relative importance, right for higher) and the innovation needs will move up and down, with the highest ranked needs appearing at the top.

To see more information about each specific need, click on the arrow.

By toggling the view options, you can shift between the standard view, which displays detailed information about each problem and need, and the high-level view of the relative position of the innovation needs. The high-level view displays each need as a small dot, with the importance of each need on a relative scale.


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