Tool for Ranking Community Corrections Innovations Needs

Below is the Community Corrections (defined here as the management of offenders who have been released into the community on probation and parole) version of the Tool for Ranking Corrections Innovations needs. Listed below on the right are the eight policy goal priorities of the U.S. corrections sector.

The default priority levels represent the rankings determined by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Corrections Advisory Panel. Use the slider bars to generate data that can identify which corrections innovation options are most important to you, based on your policy preferences (left is lower relative importance, right is higher). Highest-ranked needs appear at the top. To return to the default priority levels, reload this page or click the reset button under the sliders. Use the toggles to shift between the standard view, which displays detailed information about each problem and need, and the high-level overview which displays the relative position of the innovation needs. Note that this relative distance is not represented in the standard view to make the list of needs easier to read. The innovation needs are categorized and color coded based on their category of technology or practice as described in the report and shown in our technology taxonomy visualization.


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