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Tools for Life: Relationship-building Solutions®

Improving School Climate and Safety

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Teachers and administrators across the United States struggle to maintain safe, civil, community- and achievement-oriented schools. It's common to rely on disciplinary actions like suspensions and increased school security measures to try and remedy student behavior problems, but school leaders have no whole school, empirically tested best practices that address safety concerns.

Searching for a Solution: Tools for Life

Tools for Life: Relationship-building Solutions® is a classroom- and home-based program for children age 3 through grade 8 designed to improve school climate and safety. The main goal of Tools for Life is to help students develop interpersonal and intrapersonal skills—teaching them how to handle their emotions and positively interact with others.

With funding from the National Institute of Justice, RAND will conduct a randomized control trial of Tools for Life in Jackson, Mississippi, public schools. Tools for Life will be implemented in randomly selected elementary and middle schools in the district. And over the course of three years, RAND will evaluate the program's implementation, cost-effectiveness, and impact on school climate and safety.

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