Publications on Crime, Violence, and Public Safety



  • Oregon’s Measure 11 Sentencing Reform: Implementation and System Impact December 13, 2004

    Nancy Merritt, Terry Fain, Susan Turner

    Measure 11, passed in Oregon in 1994, imposed long mandatory prison terms for designated offenses, prohibited “earned time,” and provided for mandatory waiver of youthful offenders to adult court. This study analyzes the implementation of Measure 11 and its impact on prosecution, sentencing, and convictions. Findings show that Measure 11 has altered sentencing and case processing practices in Oregon, with offenders convicted of violent and sex-related offenses serving longer prison terms, but fewer being sentenced for these offenses.


  • Managing New Issues: Cyber Security in an Era of Technological Change January 1, 2003

    Marten van Heuven, Maarten Botterman, Stephan De Spiegeleire

    This report reflects the findings of a conference on cyber security and cyber crime in 2002 in The Hague, The Netherlands. It looks into the urgency for a better common understanding and better cooperation on these issues, in the light of the growth of the Internet, both in terms of number of users and in terms of social, cultural and economic impact. Focus was at three themes regarding the role of the public and the private sector in dealing with cyber security and cyber crime: What are the threats and what is the matrix of possible responses? How should Europe and the United States cooperate? How should the public and the private sector work together?