Research and Commentaries

Usable, practical reports and commentaries to support the resilience of U.S. Gulf Coast communities


Researchers at RAND and partner organizations have published numerous reports and journal articles with support from the consortium.

Research by Partner Organizations

Estilla S. Lightfoot, Amy E. Lesen, Regardt J. Ferreira. 2020. "Gender and resilience in Gulf Coast communities: Risk and protective factors following a technological disaster" International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, Volume 50.

Jessica L. Liddell, Leia Y. Saltzman, Regardt J. Ferreira, Amy E. Lesen. 2020. "Cumulative disaster exposure, gender and the protective action decision model" Progress in Disaster Science, Volume 5.

Lesen, Amy E., Chloe Tucker, M. G. Olson, and Regardt J. Ferreira. 2019. "‘Come Back at Us’: Reflections on Researcher-Community Partnerships during a Post-Oil Spill Gulf Coast Resilience Study" Social Sciences 8, no. 1: 8.

Patel, Megha M., Leia Y. Saltzman, Regardt J. Ferreira, and Amy E. Lesen. 2018. "Resilience: Examining the Impacts of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on the Gulf Coast Vietnamese American Community" Social Sciences 7, no. 10: 203.