Connecting communities and elevating voices

The RAND Center to Advance Racial Equity Policy works with partner organizations to create events that engage with leaders, foster dialogue about advancing racial equity, and bring together diverse communities.

While many of the events the center hosts are only available internally at RAND, some events are open to the general public. If you’re interested in attending an event, hosting a discussion, or learning more, please contact us to learn more, or sign up for our quarterly Forward newsletter.

    Past Events

  • Infrastructure Equity, Sport, and Community: Closing the Loop

    Big community events and projects bring big challenges. This even will discuss how to share foundational insights for the decisions that will determine the success or failure of community engagement events at scale. [Los Angeles]

    Sep 6, 2023

  • Making a Difference in Mass Atrocity Prevention

    A key component of mass atrocity prevention is understanding the processes and risk factors of previous mass violence events, and the Holocaust serves as an unparalleled case study of mass violence. This presentation provides a brief overview of ideas and concepts surrounding Holocaust education and mass atrocity prevention. [Virtual]

    Jul 17, 2023

  • Examining Black Men's Life Expectancy: Iguchi Fellowship Presentation

    In this webinar, Patrick Hendricks, the inaugural Iguchi Fellow at the Center to Advance Racial Equity Policy, will aim to provide a deeper understanding of the unique challenges to Black men’s health and wellness by integrating intersectionality and equity centered design. [Virtual]

    Jul 14, 2023

Ongoing Event Series

Deliberative Conversations

The Deliberative Conversations event series is intended to bring together individuals who represent diverse perspectives around a topic—sometimes difficult or controversial—to advocate for tangible, joint solutions that give a voice to all invested in the conversation.

Deep Learning Series

The Deep Learning Series asks event attendees to take a three-month "deep dive” into a topical area to collect perspectives and creation actionable solutions that give voice to all in the conversation.

Methods Training

Our Methods Training sessions foster discussion surrounding issues of equity and justice surrounding methods used in policy research.

Engaging RAND

Another facet of our work involves inviting researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to share their insights with the RAND community. These internal talks are inspiring RAND staff to think differently about their work, our methods, and our engagement with diverse audiences—a powerful tool in creating impact in research across divisions.

These are just a few of the types of discussions held internally at RAND.

  • Moderator trainings
  • Deep learning series
  • Methods trainings
  • Deliberative conversations
  • Seminars and panels