Making an impact in partnership with communities

Collaborative partnerships are core to the ethos of the RAND Center to Advance Racial Equity Policy—and vital to making an impact where it matters most.

We actively partner with diverse communities and work with groups, both externally and internally at RAND, to create space for discussion and elevate voices often unrepresented in policy discourse.

Engaging Communities

Part of the center’s mission is to set research findings in motion through leadership and civic action. We proactively nurture policy leaders of the future, engage with storytellers and artists active in this space, and engage in accessible civil discourse.

The center is open to new partnerships in these and other areas related to the advancement of racial equity through policy.

Iguchi Initiative

The Iguchi Initiative honors Martin Iguchi, a groundbreaking leader who pioneered work on issues of racial equity and underserved populations. Iguchi was a true humanitarian who deeply understood the importance of diversifying the field of policy analysis and the need to apply RAND research to real community issues.

The Initiative builds on Iguchi’s legacy to champion dialogue and engagement between social justice leaders, underserved populations, and RAND policy analysts. Social justice leaders design and mobilize social change that can bring insights to policy analysis, but too often, these voices are not included in policy research.

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Affiliates and Ambassadors Programs

Through this RAND staff program, center staff affiliates have an opportunity to learn, explore, and take part in collaborative research and programming with stakeholders from across the organization.

Past affiliates and ambassadors

National Coalition for Equity Impact

Conversations about racial and gender equity are advancing to the forefront—both in the living room and the boardroom. To meet this expansion, equity impact work across sectors has exploded, as has the number of practitioners engaging in equity impact work. Through the RAND Center to Advance Racial Equity Policy, the National Coalition for Equity Impact (NCEI) is creating spaces for ongoing training, education, and credentialing of leaders in racial equity capabilities.

NCEI Events

Fellows Program

Interested graduate students and external researchers at partner organizations can apply to work with the Center to Advance Racial Equity Policy on developing solutions to today's racial equity public policy challenges, resources permitting. Fellows gain practical research experience in areas such as diversity, equity, education, and inclusion.

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Research Interns

Research internships are developed based on shared interest and need, and involve interdisciplinary work in research, design, moderation, and reporting of racial equity. Research interns collaborate with the center and partnering organizations to engage in diversity, equity, and inclusion-centered trainings, contribute to data analysis, and write reports, white papers, and commentaries.

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In 2021-2022, the center partnered with the Sustainable Progress & Equality Collective (SPEC) to select research interns to assist in a unique, year-long project contributing to SPEC’s research and development projects and community building initiatives.

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