The Iguchi Initiative: Connecting Policy with Social Justice

Martin Iguchi

The RAND Center to Advance Racial Equity Policy is pleased to announce the Iguchi Initiative in honor of Martin Iguchi, a groundbreaking leader who pioneered work on issues of racial equity and underserved populations. Iguchi was a true humanitarian who deeply understood the importance of diversifying the field of policy analysis and the need to apply RAND research to real community issues.

The initiative builds on Iguchi’s legacy to champion dialogue and engagement between social justice leaders, underserved populations, and RAND policy analysts. Social justice leaders design and mobilize social change that can bring insights to policy analysis, but too often, these voices are not included in policy research.

In that spirit, the RAND Center to Advance Racial Equity Policy is soliciting short applications from social justice leaders to engage with RAND over three months in the winter/spring of 2023. Leaders can represent community-based organizations of varying sizes or operate independently. Applications close on February 6, 2023.

About the Fellowship

Key Roles

This is an engagement with the RAND Center to Advance Racial Equity Policy, which includes working with the center director and relevant RAND researchers on a racial equity policy topic of interest.

For the initiative's first year, we will select a fellow interested in health equity. However, policy areas within health equity can range in topical and thematic focus. Subsequent fellowships will focus on other equity topics.

These are the activities of the Iguchi Initiative Fellow:

  • Meet with RAND researchers in the given health equity area to develop creative ways to translate policy recommendations and diversify dissemination practices.
  • Meet bi-weekly during these three months with the center director (or designee) about ways that to foster better connections and dialogue with social justice leaders and develop new, innovative ways to build impact and equity in RAND projects/products; and
  • Hold an Iguchi Initiative event at the end of the tenure about the Fellow's social justice work (i.e., what has been learned, what are the issues, and what RAND should tackle?).

Commitment and Support

While the time commitment is relatively flexible based on the fellows' level of interest and engagement, we anticipate this effort requiring 2-3 hours per week during the fellowship period.

This engagement is intended to foster new exchanges on a critical equity topic, but the Center will provide a $5K stipend to the individual or the community-based organization.


What will success look like in this Fellowship? Jointly, RAND and the Fellow will have identified new ways to sharpen policy analysis from a social justice perspective.

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