Center for the Study of Aging

The population of older adults continues to increase in the United States and around the world. Nations, states, localities, families, and older adults face many challenges and opportunities for the care of older adults.

The RAND Center for the Study of Aging focuses on the social, economic, physical, and mental health and well-being of older adults across the world. The Center draws upon collective research expertise in demography, economics, medicine, psychology, public health, sociology, statistics, and survey to ensure long-term wellbeing across the lifespan, aging-in-place, healthy aging, financial security, and resilience of older adults.

Using the most rigorous quantitative and qualitative methods, RAND implements surveys, designs and evaluates interventions, conducts trials, and performs many types of innovative analytic methods for administrative, survey, contextual, and clinical data. Our work serves to produce important facts, identify causal relationships, and help the public- and private-sectors more effectively meet the needs of aging populations.

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