RAND Conference Agenda

Demography, Epidemiology and Economics of Aging

August 10-14, 1994

Santa Monica, California

Wednesday, August 10

Opening Remarks

Master Lecture in Morbidity/Mortality Research

James Vaupel: Oldest-Old Mortality

Ed Schneider: Additional Perspectives

Aging in Asia
Session 1: Overview

Linda Martin: Research on Aging in Asia

Albert Hermalin: University of Michigan Population Studies Center Research on Rapid Demographic Change and the Welfare of the Elderly

Lynn Karoly: RAND Research on Aging in Asia

Aging in Asia
Session 2: Health and Health Care/Living Arrangements

Jersey Liang: Health Transitions among Japanese and Taiwanese Elderly

Jack Molyneaux, Paul Gertler, Carl Serrato, and Elizabeth Frankenberg: Health Care Utilization Among Adults in Indonesia

Discussant: Jay Olshansky

Angelique Chan and Julie DaVanzo: Ethnic Differences in Living Arrangements in Malaysia

Discussant: Yean-Ju Lee

Thursday, August 11

Master Lecture in Morbidity/Mortality Research

Burt Singer: Socio-Economic Status and Health

Raynard Kington: Additional Perspectives

Aging in Asia
Session 3: Living Arrangements
John Casterline: Dimensions of Living Arrangements of the Elderly: Strategies for Cross-National Analysis

Discussant: Yean-Ju Lee

Omar Rahman: Gender Differences in the Impact of Living Arrangements on Elderly Mortality in Rural Bangladesh

Discussant: John Haaga

Mary Beth Ofstedal: An Application of the Simultaneous Logit Model: Coresidence Choices of Elderly Parents and Adult Children in Taiwan

Discussant: Emily Agree

John Knodel: Focus Group Research on Living Arrangements of the Elderly in Thailand, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Singapore

Discussant: Kalyani Mehta

Small Group Roundtables (Participants and Discussion Leaders Only)

Friday, August 12

New Datasets: U.S
  • Health and Retirement Survey (HRS)--Tom Juster
  • Assets and Health Dynamics of the Oldest Old (AHEAD)--Michael Hurd
  • The new Supplement on Aging to the NHIS (SOA-II)--Mary Beth Ofstedal
  • RAND Supplements to the Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID) --Lee Lillard
New Datasets: International
  • Second Malaysian Family Life Survey (MFLS-2)--John Haaga
  • Indonesian Family Life Survey (IFLS)--Lynn Karoly and Elizabeth Frankenberg
  • Matlab Health and Socio-Economic Survey (MHSS)--Omar Rahman
  • The New Round of Surveys of the Health and Welfare of the Elderly in Asia (HWE)--Albert Hermalin
Special Lecture on Biological Aspects of Aging
David Rush: Nutrition and Aging

Professional Issues and Training

Saturday, August 13

Master Lecture in Economics of Aging

Angus Deaton: Research Issues on Saving and Aging in LDCs

Jim Smith: Additional Perspectives

Aging in Asia
Session 4: Intergenerational Transfers and Economic Processes
Lee Lillard and Bob Willis: Intergenerational Transfers in Malaysia

Rose Maria Li, Laura Duberstein, and Hui-Sheng Lin: An Exploration of Life Insurance Among the Elderly in Taiwan

Discussant: Stan Panis

Michael Hurd and Hoe Kyung Lee: Household Savings Rates in Korea: Evidence on Life-Cycle Consumption Behavior

Discussant: Richard Johnson

Sunday, August 14

Master Lecture in Economics of Aging
David Wise: Retirement Against the Demographic Current: More Old People Living Longer, Saving Less, Working Less

Tom Juster: Additional Perspectives