RAND Conference Agenda

Demography, Epidemiology and Economics of Aging

August 11-13, 1995

Santa Monica, California

Friday, August 11

Opening Remarks Master Lecture
Jim Vaupel, Odense University, Denmark: Experimental and Evolutionary Bio-Demography of Aging
Additional Perspectives
Jay Olshansky, University of Chicago, and Bruce Carnes, Argonne National Laboratory: Predictions From the Bio-Demographic Paradigm of Mortality
Additional Perspectives, Continued
Jim Carey, University of California, Davis: Mortality Dynamics of the Mediterranean Fruit Fly: Demographic and Evolutionary Implications

Caleb Finch, University of Southern California: Plasticity in the Life History

Saturday, August 12

Master Lecture
Ron Lee, University of California, Berkeley: Topics in the Aggregate Analysis of Intergenerational Transfers

Panel Discussion on Intergenerational Transfers Panelists:Al Hermalin, University of Michigan; Michael Hurd, SUNY, Stony Brook; Ron Lee, University of California, Berkeley; Doug Wolf, Syracuse University.

Introduction to New Data Sets on Aging (Concurrent Sessions)
Research Papers on Intergenerational Transfers
Lee Lillard and Bob Willis, RAND and the University of Michigan: Intergenerational Transfers in the Absence of Social Security and Medicare

Doug Wolf, Syracuse University: The Micro-demography of Intergenerational Transfers

Robert Fogel, University of Chicago: A Theory of Technophysio Evolution, with Some Implications for Forecasting Population, Health Care Costs, and Pension Costs

Sunday, August 13

Master Lecture
Sam Preston, University of Pennsylvania: Racial and Ethnic Differentials in Mortality at Older Ages
Additional Perspective
Jim Smith and Raynard Kington, RAND: Racial and Ethnic Differences in Health and Wealth Among the Elderly