RAND Conference Agenda

Demography, Epidemiology and Economics of Aging

August 9-11, 1996

Santa Monica, California

Friday, August 9

Opening Remarks and Introductions
Session I: Alzheimer's
Zaven Khachaturian, Khachaturian, Rodebaugh, and Associates, Incorporated: Overview of Alzheimer's Research

Elizabeth Corder, Duke and Odense University: APOE Polymorphism: Risk and Subsequent Survival for Dementia, Stroke, and Heart Disease

Doug Ewbank, University of Pennsylvania: Modeling Heterogeneity in Mortality: The Interplay Between Alzheimer's Disease and Ischemeic Heart Disease

Session II: Data Sets on Aging Concurrent Session A

Robert M. Hauser and Taissa S. Hauser, University of Wisconsin: Wisconsin Longitudinal Survey

Dora Costa, MIT: Early Indicators of Later Work Levels, Disease, and Death: The Aging of Union Army Veterans

Concurrent Session B

Michael Hurd, RAND and SUNY, StonyBrook: Health and Retirement Survey/Asset and Health Dynamics

Larry Corder, Duke: National Longterm Care Survey

Session III: Health and Disability
Robert Wallace, University of Iowa: The Doctor's Dilemma: Quantifying the Health of Older Persons

Ken Wachter, University of California, Berkeley: A Demographer Looks at the Biodemography of Longevity

Saturday, August 10

Session IV: The Family and Aging
Robert Willis, University of Michigan: Motives for Intergenerational Transfers

Linda Waite, University of Chicago: Marriage and Family at Older Ages

Session V: Social Security
Ronald Lee, University of California, Berkeley: Stochastic Forecasts for Social Security

Lee Lillard, RAND: Socio-Economic Differentials in the Value of Social Security and Consequences for End-of-Life Consumption and Saving of Couples

Robert Clark, North Carolina State University, Raleigh: Overview of Findings of the Technical Panel on Trends and Issues in Retirement Savings, Social Security Advisory Council

Sunday, August 11

Session VI: Retirement and Savings

John Rust, University of Wisconsin: Social Insurance at the End of the Life Cycle: A Joint Model of Unemployment, Disability, Old-Age and Medicare Benefits

Michael Hurd, RAND and SUNY, StonyBrook: Subjective Survival Probabilities: Measurement and Use in Economic Models

Closing Comments