RAND Conference Agenda

Demography, Epidemiology and Economics of Aging

July 11-13, 1997

Santa Monica, California

Friday, July 11

Opening Remarks and Introductions
Session I: Health and Disability

Vicki Freedman and Linda Martin, RAND:
Trends in Old-Age Disability

Linda Fried, Johns Hopkins University:
Preclinical Disability: What Does it Mean?

Jack Guralnik, National Institutes of Health:
Chronic Disease and Disability: A Focus on Older Women

Raynard Kington, RAND:
Racial Differences in Health Among Elderly Migrants from the South

Teresa Seeman, University of Southern California:
Social Support and Aging

Saturday, July 12

Session II: Medicare & Medicaid

Mark McClellan, Stanford:
Technological Change in Health Care for the Elderly: Cost and Outcome Consequences

Lee Lillard, RAND:
Financing Health Care for the Elderly: Public and Private Sector Roles

Session III: Pensions and Wealth

Michael Hurd, RAND:
The Effect of Pensions and Health on Prospective and Actual Retirement

Jim Smith, RAND:
Health and Wealth

Session IV: Break-Out Groups/Participant Presentations

Sunday, July 13

Session V: Geriatric Medicine

Constantine G. Lyketsos, Johns Hopkins University:
Current Issues in Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease

David Reuben, University of California, Los Angeles:
Use of Secondary Data Sets to Answer Geriatrics Questions

Closing Comments