IFLS Data and Documentation

IFLS data and documentation may be downloaded from our web page.

IFLS1 and IFLS2 are in the public domain.

The original IFLS1 data has been replaced by IFLS1-RR. IFLS1-RR incorporates all "fixes" listed with the original release of IFLS1 along with all subsequent data updates. (Those updates are listed in back issues of the FLS newsletter).

IFLS1-RR has been organized to facilitate its use with later waves of the survey. We encourage you to use IFLS1-RR.

IFLS Data Support

Please send all comments and suggestions about the data, documentation or this web-site to ifls-supp@rand.org.

IFLS Data Updates

All updates to the IFLS data will be posted atr http://www.rand.org/labor/FLS/IFLS/datanotes.html.

Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

Tips on using the IFLS data along with answers to frequently asked questions are also posted on our data notes page. If you have tips that you think will be useful for users, please email them to ifls-supp@rand.org.