Related Links with Information on Indonesia

The sites below offer information and are gateways to larger set of online resources related to Indonesia.

Indonesian Embassy in Canada has general information about Indonesia as well as numerous links to other sites covering a variety of topics.

WWW Virtual Library of Indonesia (Australian National University) contains many useful links for several topics including current news and media information, and sites maintained by the Indonesian government and non-governmental organizations.

The Australian National University also has a site dedicated to their Indonesia Project (RSPAS), which has been in existence since 1965.

The Jakarta Post has many links to government offices, businesses, and universities in Indonesia.

In addition, there are links to individual government agencies:

Asian and Global Financial Crisis is maintained by Professor Nouriel Roubini at New York University's Stern School of Business. This site has lots of information about the crisis in Asia as well as links to other interesting sites.

Social Crisis in East Asia is the World Bank's site that highlights the Bank's efforts to address the serious social dimensions of the crisis in East Asia. This site also has information on resources and tools that can support research in this area.