MFLS Data Updates

The following data updates have become available since the second FLS Newsletter (Issue 2, November 1995). These updates have been published in subsequent FLS Newsletters, which are available from the FLS home page. For earlier updates, see the first and second FLS Newsletters.

MFLS-2 Updates

Date: 6/22/99

In the MF22PREG file and the MF22CONT file for both New and Senior and Panel and Children, a few cases with duplicate CHILD_ID values were found. Initially, code to fix those values was listed under MFLS2 updates. We have now corrected the online versions of the MF22PREG and MF22CONT so they now no longer have any duplicate CHILD_ID values. The SAS transport, Stata, and ascii versions of the data have been updated.

Date: 11/5/98

The MFLS-2 and MFLS-2 databases are now available in Stata versions as well.

Please see the software_and_data/FLS/mfls1/mfls1dta and software_and_data/FLS/mfls2/mfls2dta directories on RAND's ftp server, The Stata files are in zip archives in those directories.

Date: 9/28/98

The SAS transport and ASCII versions of the TRACKING data for the Panel and Child sample have been updated to correct a few MFLS1 identifier codes for children not found on SPLIT=2 records.

The revised files are in the mfls2exp/pc and mfls2raw/pc subdirectories.

Date: 3/27/96

In the ASCII files for MF23SUM, the variable PERSONin columns 20- 21 was found to be blank. The input program to read the MF23SUM ASCII data also did not include the field for PERSON. The SAS transport files, on the other hand, did not have this problem.

The online MF23SUM ASCII files (NS and PC) and input program have been revised and PERSON is now correct. These files are in the mfls2raw subdirectory. The online data are available via the FLS Home Page and via RAND's anonymous FTP server (see Obtaining MFLS Data). The data on magnetic tape from RAND will not be revised; corrected files must be obtained from the above online sources. ICPSR has been notified of the problem with the MF23SUM ASCII files and has received corrected data.

Date: 7/21/97

In the Panel and Child MF22PREG file for CASE=970,SPLIT=0, the following corrections have been made: