MHSS-1 Data Updates

Date: 1/3/01

A text file MIGTOMHD.TXT contains the mapping of Outmigrant CASE household ids to the originating household in the Main Sample (MHD) list of households. The first number in the list is the Outmigrant case number and the second is the corresponding MHD case number.

Note that the CASE id in the Outmigrant files (those with the MIG prefix) does not match to the CASE id in the Main Sample files (those with MHD prefix) as originally stated. Users who wish to link MIG and MHD data will need to apply the crosswalk in MIGTOMHD.TXT to get the MHD case number needed for such linking.

Date: 11/29/00

The MHDTF1, DNFSTF1 and MIGTF1 files did not have CASE and PERSON on them. Those files have now been updated to include the CASE and PERSON identifiers to enable users to link the transfer data to other MHSS subfiles.

Date: 7/11/00

The files mhdspn1.dta, migspn1.dta and dnfsspn1.dta were inadvertently omitted from the, and files. The spn1 files have now been added to the appropriate zip files. The SAS transport version of the MHSS data has always had the spn1 files.

Date: 9/8/99

A new file has been added: mhdwgts2. This Main survey (MHD) weights file includes the original weights for the STATUS=1 main survey households and respondents, plus now has weights to be used when pooling STATUS=1 and STATUS=2 main survey households. A new codebook, mhdwgts2.doc, has been inlcuded in the files. The mhdwgts2.exp file is in the archive and the mhdwgts2.dta file is in the archive. The new weights, which have the suffix of "12", are for use with pooled STATUS=1 and STATUS=2 MHD households and respondents only. If you are working only with STATUS=1 MHD households and respondents, use the original weight variables (i.e., the ones with variable names that don't end in "12").

Date: 8/2/99

The following MHSS subfiles were replaced in both the SAS transport and Stata versions of the data. The previous versions of the files were missing variables that were inadvertently ommitted when the public use files were created. The new files now have all the variables listed in the codebook.


The book3b.doc codebook file was revised to correct a typo where the variable names CH25 and CH25AU in section CH were reversed. Variable CH25AU is type of land and CH25A is how much land.

In the book3b.doc, book4.doc and book5.doc codebook files, the codes for ISN302, ISN303, ISN402, ISN403, ISN502 and ISN503 are actually 1-5 and not A-E. The codebook files in have been corrected.