November 1995 - Number 2

About the FLS Newsletter

The FLS Newsletter, meant to serve all FLS data users and interested parties, is a free occasional publication of the RAND Center for the Study of the Family in Economic Development and the RAND Population Research Center. The newsletter disseminates information about surveys fielded by RAND in developing countries. The first issue (February 1994) focused on the Malaysian Family Life Surveys (the 1976-1977 and 1988-1989 MFLS surveys), providing data updates and clarifications and a bibliography of research based on the MFLS data. The current issue focuses on the Indonesian Family Life Survey (conducted in late 1993) and announces the release of the IFLS public-use version of the data.

A subscription form was included in the first FLS Newsletter. Those who responded on the form or returned subscription cards make up the core mailing list for this current issue. If you know of others who may be interested in this newsletter, please encourage them to contact us so that we may add them to our mailing list. We have again included an announcement for the FLS Newsletter. Please post this announcement in an appropriate place so that other people will see it and contact RAND.