November 1995 - Number 2

Whom to Contact at RAND with Questions about FLS Data

Questions about the MFLS and IFLS that are not related to ordering and distribution of the databases can be sent to RAND in a variety of ways--electronic mail, fax, phone, and regular U.S. postal service.



FAX: 310-398-4818, send to Christine Peterson

PHONE: 310-393-0411

MFLS: Christine Peterson, ext. 6534;

Julie DaVanzo, ext. 7516

IFLS: Christine Peterson, ext. 6534 ;

Lynn Karoly, ext. 7359;

Elizabeth Frankenberg, ext. 7242

U.S. MAIL: Send to the desired party listed above, at

P.O. Box 2138
Santa Monica, CA 90407-2138