DNORS Survey Public Data Use Downloads

As a reminder, to obtain access to the DNORS Public Use Data, the User has agreed to a set of conditions (described in full here) including the following key conditions:

  • You will not transfer the DNORS Public Use Data or derived files to anyone else other than staff members and students working directly under your supervision.
  • You will use the data in the DNORS data sets only for scientific research and aggregate statistical reporting.
  • You will make no attempt whatsoever to determine the identity of participants in the DNORS study.
  • You will report any errors in the data and documentation files to DNORS by emailing us.

The DNORS Public Use Data consists of the following five files:

  • Screener
  • Katrina household roster with one record per member
  • Individual interviews for household and adult respondents
  • Housing unit observations
  • Segment observations

The DNORS Public Use Data files are available in both SAS and Stata format. The five SAS files (Version 9) and two SAS format libraries are contained in a single zip file; the five Stata files (Version 9) with value formats are contained in another separate zip file.

All users are strongly advised to read the DNORS Overview, User's Guide, and Codebook thoroughly before using the data. Do not only look at the variable codebooks in the appendix.

Specific questions regarding the DNORS data and documentation should be sent to our data support email address dnors-supp@rand.org.