DNORS Survey Public Data Use Agreement

Use Agreement for the Public Use Data Files from the Displaced New Orleans Residents Survey

Thank you for your interest in the Displaced New Orleans Residents Survey (DNORS). You will need to complete a registration form in order to access the DNORS Public Use Data files from our server.

Please note that the DNORS Public Use Data and documentation are provided as a public service to the research community. However, despite our best efforts, the public use files and data documentation provided on this website may contain errors. As with other data sets, researchers should proceed with caution and conduct their own data quality evaluations whenever possible.

We ask you to register for two reasons. First, summary information on DNORS users helps us demonstrate to agencies funding DNORS that the data are useful to a broad range of researchers. This information helps us in our efforts to seek funding for future waves of DNORS. Second, when possible, we will make an effort to notify registered data users of problems encountered or new data available.

To obtain access to the DNORS Public Use Data, the User agrees to the following conditions:

  • You will make no attempt whatsoever to determine the identity of participants in the DNORS study or of the specific neighborhoods, census tract, blocks, block groups, or streets in which study participants live.
  • You will use the data in the DNORS data sets only for scientific research and aggregate statistical reporting.
  • You will not transfer the DNORS Public Use Data or derived files to anyone else other than staff members and students working directly under your supervision. There is an exception to this condition for data libraries and archives. You will ask your co-investigators to register separately for data use.
  • You agree to destroy any downloaded Public Use Data files and any derived data files if requested to do so by the RAND Corporation.
  • You agree to email us the citations for any papers, articles, books, working papers, presentations at professional meetings or conferences, or other publications based on the DNORS data. We also ask that you send us copies of these publications. Electronic copies are preferred, though hard copies are accepted (email us for our mailing address).
  • You will acknowledge DNORS as the source of data for analysis in all reports and publications based on these data. The acknowledgement should substantially follow the form below: "This research is based on data from the Displaced New Orleans Residents Survey which was funded by grants from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human development (Grant R01-HD059106 and R01-HD059106-S1) to the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, California. For further information on DNORS, go to www.rand.org/labor/projects/dnors.
  • If the identity of any individual, household, school or community is discovered inadvertently by you or by someone working with you, then you agree to the following:
    1. No use will be made of this knowledge;
    2. RAND will be advised of the incident immediately by emailing us;
    3. You will destroy or safeguard the information that would identify an individual as requested by RAND; and
    4. You will not inform anyone else of the discovered identity or methods you used to discover this identity.
  • Report any errors in the data and documentation files to DNORS by emailing us;
  • You agree to insure that anyone working with the data you downloaded follows these rules in their use of the data.
Register for DNORS Public Use Data