DNORPS: For Data Libraries and Data Archives

Data archiving is an important service to the research community. Data libraries and archives may download the DNORPS Public Use Data and distribute them to researchers under the following conditions:

The DNORPS public use files may only be distributed to bona fide researchers or students who are affiliated with your library or archive's institution or organization.

An authorized representative of your library or archive must first review the online DNORPS Public Use Data Use agreement and then register to download the data from this Web site.

Each individual user or recipient of the DNORPS public use files from your data library or archive must personally register by visiting the DNORPS web page, reading the DNORPS Public Use Data Use Agreement, completing the registration form, and submitting it electronically. They do not need to re-download the data from the Web site after formally registering.

Your data library or archive must maintain a log of individual users who have received the DNORPS public use data through your data library or archive.

Your data library or archive must have procedures in place to make sure staff and users comply fully with these conditions.

DNORPS Public Use Data registration form