DNORPS Restricted Use Data

Eligibility and Requirements

To apply for DNORPS Restricted Data, researchers must have permanent faculty appointments or faculty-equivalent research appointments at their institution. "Permanent" is defined as full-time employment throughout the course of the proposed project. Researchers must also be employed by an organization with a current Federal Wide Assurance (FWA) Certificate.

Preliminary Application

Researchers interested in using the DNORPS Restricted Data must first submit a preliminary application comprising of (1) a cover letter or email message that briefly describes the specific aims of the project and why DNORPS restricted data are needed and (2) a detailed Data Protection Plan. The cover letter should include one or two paragraphs describing the project's goals and one or two sentences explaining why Restricted Data are needed.

Data Protection Plan

Researchers must provide a concise but detailed Data Protection Plan as part of their application for DNORPS Restricted Data. The Research Investigator is to ensure that all members of the research team with access to the Restricted Data follow all aspects of the Data Protection Plan.

The fundamental goal of the protections outlined in this plan is to prevent persons who are not signatories to the Restricted Data Use Agreement or members of the approved project from accessing the data. RAND will not approve the preliminary application if the plan is not written with sufficient specificity, or if RAND does not deem the data protections to be adequate.

The Data Protection Plan applies to the original DNORPS Restricted Data files received from RAND (regardless of its format), to any copies made by the research team, and to any new data derived solely or in part from the original DNORPS Restricted Data files. The plan also should address how computer output derived from the data (for example, case listings and printouts), will be protected and disposed of securely.

Data Protection Plan Requirements and Guidelines for DNORPS Restricted data

Submitting Preliminary Application

The project description and the Data Protection Plan are to be emailed for review and approval.

RAND will have full discretion in deciding whether to approve an application for access to Restricted Data. RAND may request additional information from applicants or request changes to the Data Protection Plan.

A Final Application can only be submitted after the Preliminary Application has been approved.

Final Application Page for DNORPS Restricted Data