Using the DNORPS Restricted Use Data

Researchers and Project Team members may use the data only for the time period specified on the Restricted Use Data Agreement, or, if no dates are specified, for 3 years from the day the Data is sent.

When the end date of the Agreement is reached, Restricted Data Users must either apply for an extension or return the data to RAND along with an End of Project form.

The End of Project form, which can be an email message, simply needs to state that the investigator has destroyed or returned the original DNORPS Restricted Data, and has destroyed all copies and derived data sets that include Restricted Data.

Changes in the employment status of the Restricted Data Investigator that occur during the project period must be reported to RAND via email as such a change will require a new data protection plan plus IRB approval at the new institution. If work with DNORPS Restricted data will no longer continue at the previous institution, the investigator will need to submit an End of Project form for that institution confirming that Restricted Data has been destroyed at that institution.