DNORS Documentation

All the documents below can be found here.

Overview, User's Guide, and Codebook

The DNORS Overview, User’s Guide, and Codebook [PDF] provides a detailed description of the survey design, the fieldwork process, response rates, weights, and the creation of public release data for the DNORS. The document also includes discussions of how to identify different types of individuals of interest and how to link data collected on them to other individuals in the household. The appendices contain variable codebooks for the various individual data files, both public use and restricted, that make up the DNORS public release data.


The Interviewers' Manual describing the survey process is provided as an additional document [PDF].

The DNORS consisted of two basic questionnaires: Screener and Main Interview. The questionnaires are available as a single document [PDF].

The Screener Questionnaire collected basic information on the pre-Katrina household members. That information was then used to select the Adult Respondent and the Household Respondent.

The Main Interview collected detailed information on pre-Katrina household members from the Household Respondent and then collected individual status and well-being information from the Adult Respondent and the Household Respondent. A Child Module was administered to female Adult Respondents with children under the age of 18 as part of their Main Interview.

Data Support

The DNORS project team provides general data support through the email support address dnors-supp@rand.org. All questions regarding the content of the DNORS data and how to utilize its multiple-file structure should be sent to that email address. We maintain a list of responses to user questions sent to that email address.

Data Updates

Updated information and revisions to the DNORS data are available periodically. Register to receive email announcements about new data updates.