An Evaluation of the PEDALS Program

(Positive Emotional Development and Learning Skills)

A diverse group of smiling preschool students with their arms raised sit on the floor in their classroom, facing the teacher.

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PEDALS is a social-emotional learning (SEL) program that combines a SEL curriculum, teacher coaching, and the use of data to identify the needs and promote the SEL of children ages zero to five—all with an eye towards sustainability.

PEDALS providers in Southeast Michigan and Western and Central New York have partnered with RAND to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of PEDALS. The evaluation has two parts:

  1. an implementation study to better understand how PEDALS is delivered in a variety of childcare settings that serve children ages zero to five
  2. an impact study to understand the efficacy of the program in building SEL and executive functioning skills of children in prekindergarten classrooms.

Results of the project will help PEDALS providers understand the successes and challenges in providing services to children to facilitate continuous improvement. The results will also provide information to the broader early childhood education on this approach to improving child outcomes.

This study is generously funded by the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation and the Health Foundation of Western & Central New York.

Participation FAQs for Early Care and Education Centers in Southeast Michigan and Western and Central New York

If you are an early care and education (ECE) center or home-based provider that uses the PEDALS program, please see our FAQs for PEDALS participants for more information on study activities.

If you are an ECE center or home-based provider that does not use the PEDALS program, but are interested in participating in this study, please see our FAQs for sites that do not use PEDALS to learn more about the study.

FAQs for PEDALS participants FAQs for sites that do not use PEDALS

Study Timeline and Findings

The evaluation will take place during the 2023-2024 school year.

Early findings from the implementation study will be made available in summer 2024. A report on the final implementation and impact study results will be made available at the end of 2024.

All reports will be made available on the RAND website.

PEDALS Study Team

  • Christopher Doss, Study Lead
  • Elaine Wang, Study Co-Lead
  • Jill Cannon, Senior Advisor
  • Jennifer Jeffries, Policy Analyst
  • Brian Kim, Policy Analyst
  • Nastassia Reed, Research Assistant

Contact Us

For additional information or questions about the study email Christopher Doss.