Welcome to RAND Australia

For almost 70 years, the RAND Corporation has been a trusted, objective source of research and analysis for clients throughout the world. The RAND Corporation (Australia) Pty Ltd—RAND's subsidiary in Canberra (established December 2014)—builds on RAND's legacy of accomplishments, applying sophisticated and analytical tools to help solve problems for communities throughout the region.

Although our physical presence in Australia is recent, RAND has completed high-impact research for several prominent Australian clients, including for the Departments of Prime Minister and Cabinet; Defence; and Immigration and Border Protection. We have also done work for the governments of New South Wales and Victoria.

Of particular note, RAND expertise was chosen to provide cost assurance for the 2016 Defence White Paper as well as the underpinning Force Structure Review.

Recent RAND Australia research has focused on the topics of national security and defence, cyber security, assessment frameworks and key performance indicators, countering violent extremism, capability acquisition and sustainment, workforce training, regional analyses which builds on previous research in the areas of transport modelling, health safety standards, and the role of impact in higher education institutions in Australia.

RAND Australia's research draws on local staff as well as a rich pool of 1,875 global research staff across the United States and Europe. With almost 70 years of worldwide research in defence, national security, health care, education, transport, employment, innovation, energy, and the environment behind it, RAND Australia is ideally positioned to help improve policy and decisionmaking in Australia.

RAND Australia is a member of a number of Australia Government Standing offer panels, which allow government departments to procure our services easily. For a list of our current panel membership please contact RAND Australia Director, Carl Rhodes.