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  • Media Literacy


    Media Habits and Misinformation Susceptibility of Older Adults

    About one-third of Americans aged 55 years and older say they look at social media posts about political or social issues every day. Which sources does this group tend to trust? And how confident are they in their ability to prevent the spread of false information online?

  • Border and Port Security


    The Crisis at the Border: A Primer for Confused Americans

    While politically challenging, a holistic update to U.S. immigration laws based on a better understanding of American immigration needs and the factors that are driving people to make the dangerous trek to cross the border would help reduce the numbers of migrants arriving daily to the U.S.-Mexico border and the challenges migration poses to receiving localities.

  • Educational Equity


    High Schools Offer Uneven Access to Math Courses and College Preparation

    High school math experiences are important predictors of college and career readiness. But many students—particularly those who are Black, Hispanic, or from low-income households—do not have access to advanced mathematics courses. What can schools do to make math learning more equitable?

  • Terrorist Organizations


    Yes to Striking Iranian-Backed Militants

    Strikes against state-backed militias like the Houthis degrade these groups' military capabilities. But such strikes will almost certainly not deter the group from launching additional attacks. They could, however, take key capabilities and leaders off the battlefield, challenging Iran and the militias it backs to field the same quantity and quality of attacks in the future.

  • Content

    Israel-Hamas War: Insights from RAND

    What lessons does the past offer about the Israel-Hamas war? How can the humanitarian crisis in Gaza be addressed? Is there a path toward peace? RAND experts are offering timely insights on these questions and more. Previously published RAND research also provides important context for this ongoing conflict.

  • Content

    Russia's War in Ukraine: Insights from RAND

    A vast body of previously published RAND research—as well as real-time insights from RAND experts—sheds light on important issues related to Russia's attack against Ukraine. These include Russia's strategy and military capabilities, the Ukrainian resistance, and how to address the refugee crisis.

  • Project

    Countering Truth Decay

    “Truth Decay,” the diminishing role of facts in public life, poses a threat to evidence-based policymaking and to American democracy. RAND is studying this phenomenon to learn more about its causes, consequences, and potential solutions.

  • Commentary

    U.S. Military Theories of Victory for a Potential War with China

    In the case of a hypothetical U.S.-China conflict over Taiwan, how might the United States prevail while also avoiding catastrophic escalation of the war?

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