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  • Earth Day 2018: Is Climate Restoration a Feasible Goal?

    On April 22, 1970, millions of Americans protested the negative environmental impacts of 150 years of industrial development. Now Earth Day is celebrated worldwide each year. In this new report, RAND researchers explore the idea of returning the climate to its preindustrial state. Is this a suitable policy goal?



  • Transportation Safety


    Could U.S. Road Deaths Reach Zero by 2050?

    Motor vehicle crashes kill more than 100 Americans every day and are the leading cause of death for people age 15 to 24. A strategy that includes changes in policy, technology, and social norms could substantially improve road safety and lead to zero roadway deaths by 2050.

  • Military Doctrine


    The Role of Deterrence in U.S. Defense Policy

    Deterrence is about much more than merely threatening an adversary. It must be conceived primarily as an effort to shape the thinking of a potential aggressor. Any strategy to prevent aggression must begin with an assessment of the potential aggressor's interests, motives, and imperatives.

  • Chemical Terrorism


    Arms Control Hostage to Skripal and Syria Attacks

    Two prominent poisoning assassination attempts and Kremlin denials of gas attacks by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad raise doubts about Moscow's commitment to the purposes of the Chemical Weapons Convention. Never has the future of negotiated arms control involving Russia been at greater risk.

  • Traffic Congestion


    Congestion Tolls Work in London and Stockholm—Why Not Seattle?

    Seattle is considering following in the footsteps of cities like London, Stockholm, Singapore and Milan to introduce a charge for driving on the roads. What can Seattle and its inhabitants learn from other cities that have implemented road user charging?

  • Counterterrorism


    Now's the Time to Act on Guantanamo

    Most of the 41 terror suspects who remain confined at Guantanamo Bay are unlikely to be released from custody any time soon. But the possibility that new detainees may soon be sent to the facility argues for early action to accelerate the legal proceedings against those already being held.

  • Chemical Weapons and Warfare


    Are Chemical Weapons Becoming a Tacitly Accepted Weapon of War?

    The international community should consider serious options to hold perpetrators of chemical attacks accountable and stop further attacks. These are not easy choices. But the alternative is accepting that long-held norms are crumbling, and humanity is sliding back to inhumane tools of war.

  • Social Media Analysis


    How to Counter Russian Social Media Influence in Eastern Europe

    Russia uses social media in the Baltics, Ukraine, and nearby states to sow dissent against neighboring governments as well as NATO. Ways to counter the campaign include tracking and blocking Russian propaganda more quickly, and offering alternative content to help displace the Russian narrative.

  • Military Officers


    How the U.S. Air Force Could Retain More Female Officers

    Women are underrepresented among the Air Force's senior leadership compared with their representation among the lower ranks. Focus groups with female officers identified key retention factors and potential ways to improve Air Force policies and programs to address female officer retention.

  • Civilian and Commercial Drones


    Options for Flying Contraband into North Korea

    Activist groups in South Korea are seeking improvements in the balloons they use to carry political, religious, and humanitarian materials across the border into North Korea. Balloon delivery techniques have evolved and some have started using hexacopter drones. How effective are these methods?

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