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  • Sangeeta Ahluwalia, Sarah MacCarthy, and Celia Gomez speaking on a panel during Summer Associates Week at RAND's Santa Monica headquarters, July-August 2018, photo by Diane Baldwin/RAND Corporation

    Honoring International Women's Day

    From the effects of gun laws, to the Internet of Bodies, to the challenge of achieving herd immunity to COVID-19, women at RAND tackle some of the world's most complex problems. In honor of International Women's Day on March 8, we're highlighting the diversity of talent and experience among RAND researchers and leaders who happen to be women.

    Sangeeta Ahluwalia, Sarah MacCarthy, and Celia Gomez speaking during Summer Associates Week at RAND's Santa Monica headquarters, 2018

    Photo by Diane Baldwin/RAND Corporation

  • A novel coronavirus illustration


    COVID-19 Pandemic: Insights from RAND

    RAND research and expertise can inform immediate policy responses to address the disastrous effects of COVID-19—and help aid in recovery long after the disease stops spreading.

  • News Release

    Bundled Payments for Surgical Procedures With Copay Waivers Creates Substantial Cost Savings

    Providing patients discounts for using medical providers that agree to charge one set price for expensive procedures such as knee replacement surgery can result in savings for both patients and payers.

  • Supporters of the Houthi movement take part in a rally marking the anniversary of launching their motto (Sarkha) in which they call for death to America and death to Israel in Sanaa, Yemen, June 28, 2019, photo by Mohamed al-Sayaghi/Reuters


    Building an Enduring Peace in Yemen

    Peace in Yemen will require a coordinated approach to security and an international body with the influence, mission, and resources to support what will be a decades-long process of reconciliation, reconstruction, and redevelopment. To succeed, this body must be led by Yemenis, giving them a clear voice and stake in shaping their future.

  • A Kindergarten teacher cleans and prepares her classroom, from where she will begin the new school year teaching virtually because of the COVID-19 pandemic, in Boston, Massachusetts, September 18, 2020, photo by Brian Snyder/Reuters


    Stress Topped the Reasons Why Public School Teachers Quit, Even Before COVID-19

    Teachers leave the profession because of stress. And COVID-19 exacerbated stress levels by forcing teachers to work more hours and navigate unfamiliar remote instruction. Stress was cited twice as often as insufficient pay. Most former teachers took jobs with less or equal pay, and 3 in 10 without health insurance or retirement benefits.

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