About the RAND Corporation

RAND is a research organization that develops solutions to public policy challenges to help make communities throughout the world safer and more secure, healthier and more prosperous.

Our Mission and Values

RAND is a nonprofit institution that helps improve policy and decisionmaking through research and analysis.

As a nonpartisan organization, RAND is widely respected for operating independent of political and commercial pressures. Our core values are quality and objectivity. We have earned our reputation for excellence and influence through our focus on:

  • Research and Analysis

    RAND's research and analysis address issues that impact people around the world including security, health, education, sustainability, growth, and development. Our trusted relationships with clients and grantmakers in the public and philanthropic sectors enable us to transform our findings and recommendations into action.

  • Integrity and Quality Standards

    We are committed to the highest level of integrity and ethical behavior. All RAND work—every publication, database, or major briefing—completes a rigorous quality-assurance process.

  • Critical Challenges

    RAND finds solutions to difficult problems of critical importance to the public. Philanthropic support enables us to reach beyond the scope of client-sponsored work to tackle tough and often-controversial topics.

  • Accessibility of Our Research

    RAND is nonprofit, nonpartisan, and committed to the public interest and to making our work accessible to people throughout the world. Our publications are available online at no cost.

  • Graduate Education

    RAND operates the Pardee RAND Graduate School, the oldest and largest public policy Ph.D. program in the United States. The school is producing the next generation of policy leaders who will help keep RAND at the forefront of innovation.

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  • Employment at RAND

    RAND provides an exciting intellectual environment and opportunities for career growth. We hire highly qualified applicants and provide challenging assignments. Diversity is a key principle. We look for unique backgrounds and diversity in academic training, work experience, and ideological outlook.

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at RAND

    At RAND, we strive to cultivate a community that embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion as central to our culture, our values of quality and objectivity, and our mission to serve the public interest.

  • Educational Opportunities at RAND

    RAND is the home of the Pardee RAND Graduate School, a full-time Ph.D. program in policy analysis. And RAND offers other educational and professional development programs for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and active-duty service members.

RAND's People at a Glance

  • 1,775Staff

    Our people bring a diverse range of professional, educational, and cultural backgrounds to their project teams.

  • 55Countries

    With locations in North America, Europe, and Australia, RAND attracts top talent from more than 50 countries.

  • 75Languages

    Many of our staff are multilingual. Languages spoken include Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish.

  • 53%Hold Doctorates

    Well over half our research staff of ~1,025 hold one or more doctorates in an array of disciplines.

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Culture and Community at RAND

An inclusive, creative culture and a sense of community are vital to RAND's success. We strive to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and valued.

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RAND Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs)

RAND operates three federally funded research and development centers sponsored by the Department of Defense and one sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security.

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Contacts and Locations

The RAND Corporation is a global organization with offices throughout the world. Follow the links below to contact our staff or find out location information.

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