Homeland Security Research Division

The RAND Homeland Security Research Division (HSRD) conducts research and analysis for the U.S. government; state, local, and tribal governments; and private foundations. HSRD operates the Homeland Security Operational Analysis Center (HSOAC), an FFRDC operated by RAND under contract with the Department of Homeland Security.

Recent Commentary

  • Resilient Reconstruction in Ukraine

    Kyiv may be prudent to invest in resilience as it rebuilds energy and other utilities, transport, economic and health infrastructure, and housing. Doing so could put Ukraine in a stronger position during the war and give it a jump start on peacetime rebuilding.

    Dec 7, 2023

  • The Israel-Hamas War Has Upended the Terrorist Threat Matrix

    Today's terrorist threat matrix seems more like an abstract expressionist painting. To those accustomed to traditional landscapes, it is difficult to discern what it depicts. The fighting in Gaza may well provoke terrorist repercussions beyond the region, the magnitude and shape of which will depend on the course of the conflict.

    Nov 22, 2023

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  • Report

    Arctic Capabilities of the U.S. Armed Forces

    The United States has considerable interests in the Arctic and is one of just eight countries with territory in the region. How do U.S. armed forces' capabilities differ from those of other countries operating there, including Russia, China, and allies?

    Nov 1, 2023

  • Report

    Evaluating Cryptographic Vulnerabilities Created by Quantum Computing in Industrial Control Systems

    Migration to post-quantum cryptography to prepare for future capabilities of quantum computing has implications for industrial control and operational technology systems. These implications affect how system owners and operators and other stakeholders should prepare for the migration and prioritize mitigation options.

    Oct 4, 2023

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