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  • Junior enlisted troops after the III Corps and Fort Hood command team discussed Operation People First and listened to their concerns, December 10, 2020, photo by Blair Dupre/Fort Hood Public Affairs


    Risk of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment in the U.S. Army Varies

    Sexual assault risk is higher for Army women at Fort Hood, Fort Bliss, and several other bases than it is for the average woman in the Army. And bases with high sexual assault risk also have high sexual harassment risk. What organizational characteristics are associated with increased risk?

  • Sailors conduct flight operations on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS <em>Ronald Reagan</em>, in the South China Sea, June 14, 2021, photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Quinton Lee/U.S. Navy


    Defeat Is Possible

    Jun 17, 2021

    Edward Geist

    If the United States is to have a reasonable hope of winning a war, it needs to think about what it would be like to lose. An essential first step could be to start taking the prospect of protracted near-peer conflict seriously.

  • Senior couple embracing and smiling, photo by andreswd/Getty Images


    A Black Brother Needs Love, Too

    Jun 17, 2021

    Jhacova Williams

    Elected and appointed to important roles, Black women may have the clout needed to play a significant role in shaping policy. How will they use it? Will they make more and stronger calls to protect Black women? Or will they use their influence to extend these calls to protect Black men and highlight the similar yet unique barriers Black men face?

  • President Joe Biden speaks with Smith Flooring owners James and Kristin Smith at an event highlighing the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act in Chester, Pennsylvania, March 16, 2021, photo by Kevin Lamarque/Reuters


    Promoting Social Equity in Infrastructure Planning and Delivery

    The American Jobs Plan and the American Families Plan propose to address racial inequities through significant infrastructure, workforce, education, and child care investments. Multiple barriers may need to be addressed for the funds to reach their intended destination.