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    RAND Europe's annual review, Spotlight on 2017, features some of the objective research and analysis we do to help policy and decision makers keep pace with an ever-changing world.

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We seek to expand perspectives through thought-provoking, impartial and robust analysis of key policy issues.

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    RAND Europe Focus on Brexit

    20 Dec 2017

    RAND Europe’s research has attempted to go beyond the Brexit political rhetoric—Leave or Remain, ‘hard’ or ‘soft’, Single Market access or no deal—by providing objective and nuanced analysis of the implications for the UK and Europe.

  • Commentary

    Britain's Productivity Problem Begins in the Bedroom

    15 Feb 2018


    Productivity growth in the UK has seen its weakest decade since the 1820s. Chancellor Hammond increased the size of a national productivity fund to £31bn. While building people's skills and investing in infrastructure can boost productivity, the problem could also be solved if people got more sleep.

  • Project

    Examining the UK's compliance with the EU Written Statement Directive

    12 Feb 2018

    The EU Written Statement Directive gives employees the right to be notified in writing about the essential aspects of their employment relationship, but changes in the labour market have led the EU to consider updating the Directive. As part of a larger assessment, RAND Europe examined the UK's compliance with the Written Statement Directive.

  • Commentary

    Why the 2018 Winter Olympics Are the Perfect Storm for Cyberattacks

    12 Feb 2018


    The Olympic Games could invite the most severe cyber threats to a major sporting event in recent years. The location of the Games and increased connectivity, both among the public and infrastructure, make them a prime target for cyberattacks.

  • Commentary

    Ensuring Cybersecurity Is Vital for a Driverless Future

    12 Feb 2018

    Silfversten, et al.

    High-profile accidents involving autonomous vehicles (AVs) have led to recent discussions about the physical safety of people. However, it could be argued that consumers and manufacturers should be equally, if not more, concerned about the potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities in AVs.

  • Commentary

    Does Social Media Depression in Young People Really Exist?

    06 Feb 2018


    What are the mental health risks to adolescents and young adults from the use of social media? And how can young people and social media companies manage these risks?

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