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  • Considering heroin-assisted treatment and supervised drug sites

    The US is undergoing an opioid crisis. One in eight adults reports having had a family member or close friend die from opioids. Two interventions that have been implemented in the UK and Germany are heroin-assisted treatment and supervised consumption sites. What does the evidence suggest about these programmes, and could they be implemented in the US?

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  • Project

    The economics of vulnerability disclosure

    19 Dec 2018

    Because economic incentives play a key role in whether users, vendors, finders and coordinators disclose hardware and software vulnerabilities once they have been discovered, governments should adopt a coordinated vulnerability disclosure policy.

  • Project

    How to translate research and drive innovation

    13 Dec 2018

    To ensure the continued excellence of the UK’s research and innovation (R&I) base, the existence and continuity of funding is key. Additionally, numerous interacting conditions are needed to translate research and stimulate innovation, but there is no ‘magic formula’ for these conditions to be implemented.

  • Project

    Measuring the distribution of benefits of research and innovation

    13 Dec 2018

    Economic analyses offer a compelling case for the benefits that research and innovation (R&I) can deliver, but R&I also offers numerous benefits that are either not easily monetised or not well understood. These include benefits to culture, public engagement, social cohesion and the environment.

  • Project

    How to enable NHS staff to contribute to healthcare research

    12 Dec 2018

    The Healthcare Improvement Studies Institute sought evidence of why and how NHS staff contribute to healthcare research, as well as their associated engagement challenges and potential enabling mechanisms.

  • Commentary

    ISIS's Use of Social Media Still Poses a Threat to Stability in the Middle East and Africa

    11 Dec 2018


    The importance of social media in projecting violent extremist propaganda and recruiting foreign fighters is well documented. As ISIS attempts to regroup and recuperate, investigating its strategic use of information and communication technologies in its communication with civilians could be important to understanding the group's plans to regain territorial control.

  • Project

    Reducing violent and antisocial behaviour at football events

    11 Dec 2018

    To help Qatar prepare for upcoming sporting events, researchers examined the nature of, and the factors associated with, antisocial and violent behaviour at football matches and how effective existing approaches are in preventing and responding to these behaviours.

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