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  • Social media in Africa presents double-edged sword

    The spread of social media in Africa has brought many economic and political benefits, while also equipping terrorist groups with a tool for recruitment and propaganda. Researchers examined the links between social media use and online radicalisation in six African countries, drawing on primary Twitter data analysis.

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We seek to expand perspectives through thought-provoking, impartial and robust analysis of key policy issues.

  • Event

    CCHSR annual lecture explores patient and public involvement in research

    20 Nov 2018

    Professor Trish Greenhalgh, an internationally recognised academic in primary health care, will discuss the unintended consequences of the UK having taken the lead in promoting patient and public involvement in health care research.

  • Commentary

    The Case for Investing in a More Healthy and Engaged Health Workforce

    08 Nov 2018

    Van Stolk, et al.

    Improving staff engagement leads to a variety of positive benefits. But defining and measuring engagement is not straightforward, and different demographic factors are associated with different levels of engagement. The National Health Service in England is looking at ways to increase engagement in its staff.

  • Announcement

    BBC radio programme highlights survey on researcher mobility

    26 Oct 2018

    Sue Guthrie spoke to the BBC World Service "Science in Action" programme about a recent RAND Europe survey on the international movement of researchers. She detailed some of the key findings of the survey, which was commissioned by the Together Science Can campaign.

  • Project

    How to evaluate counterterrorism policies and interventions

    25 Oct 2018

    Initiatives to prevent and counter terrorism and violent extremism are rarely evaluated and are often designed on the basis of untested assumptions. Researchers developed and reviewed an inventory of 48 evaluations conducted between 2013 and 2017 to draw practical lessons and recommendations.

  • Project

    Cambridge skills shortages

    24 Oct 2018

    An examination of skills shortages in the Cambridge–Peterborough regional labour pool found the share of hard-to-fill vacancies for professionals is much higher than nationally, but there is also a shortage of people with skills in low-level roles. One recommended solution is for employers to provide more training to upskill the local workforce.

  • Event

    RAND Europe ‘Shines a light on the dark web’ at Festival of Ideas

    15 Oct 2018

    Giacomo Persi Paoli and Stijn Hoorens explored the challenges of the dark web as panellists in a discussion hosted by RAND Europe at Cambridge University’s Festival of Ideas on October 15.

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