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    Indoor environment can impact child health

    In the EU, 26 million children under age 15 are exposed to household damp, noise, darkness and cold, which is associated with poorer health outcomes. Eliminating children’s exposure to household damp and mould could save $62 billion over the next 40 years.

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We seek to expand perspectives through thought-provoking, impartial and robust analysis of key policy issues.

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    RAND Europe on How Work Plays a Role in Mental Health at Festival of Ideas

    14 Oct 2019

    RAND Europe will once again present the inaugural event at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas. This year, the topic under discussion will be How Does Work Play a Role in Mental Health?, a timely subject following World Mental Health Day on October 10.

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    Outputs of the Future

    11 Oct 2019

    Manville , et al.

    Are all types of research outputs of equal value? How do different outputs serve different purposes? Exploring these questions could benefit not only funders and universities, but also result in overall better use of research resources.

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    Early Childhood Education and Care Services Across the European Union Member States Still Fall Short of the Mark

    10 Oct 2019

    Janta, et al.

    Children's access to education and care from a young age is vital. Large differences exist between EU countries in access to those services and the quality of child care. Bridging the gap would require more efforts at the EU and national levels to guarantee that each child has access to services that will have lasting effects on their development.

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    Exploring NHS and Social Care Funding Options

    07 Oct 2019

    Research on different health and social care funding models assessed the popularity of different funding approaches among the UK public. Previous research examined other countries' funding schemes and found there is no single, commonly preferred solution to achieving sustainable revenues.

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    What is the future of UK research and assessment?

    04 Oct 2019

    Although technology, policy, and the international environment are changing the UK research landscape, and many researchers expect to produce more diverse forms of outputs in the future, they also think journal articles and conference contributions will remain the dominant form of output.

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    NATO deputy secretary general discusses security through deterrence

    01 Oct 2019

    NATO Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller recently gave a keynote speech at an event in Berlin co-hosted by RAND Europe and the German Marshall Fund, titled “Security Through Deterrence: A Need for New Vision”.

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