RAND Europe’s Values Charter

RAND Europe’s Values Charter defines the common principles that guide our organisational activities and decisions.

The Charter reflects the qualities that we believe to be the essence of our organisation, and that we strive to put into practice in everything we do.

Values define and enable a positive work culture. They support RAND Europe’s mission to help improve policy and decision making through research and analysis. They underpin our strategic plan, which outlines the ways we deliver our mission. Our values tell us and others what our work and organisation stand for and our commitment to both.

Our Values Charter guides and inspires us, and makes us proud to be part of RAND Europe.


We pursue excellence

  • We apply the most rigorous standards to our work
  • We take a holistic view of the problem-solving landscape
  • We use innovative, multi-disciplinary approaches to yield fresh perspectives


We are independent and impartial

  • We provide unbiased analysis and insights
  • We apply constructive, critical thinking to the challenges we face
  • We find and follow the best evidence wherever it leads


We are stronger through the power of partnerships

  • We work as a team to achieve common goals, taking and sharing responsibility for success
  • We are collegial: we combine our strengths and support one another
  • We value diversity, and we seek out and respect the contributions of others


We serve the public good and those with whom we work

  • We strive to have impact and make a difference to society and to our clients
  • We honour our commitments to the organisation and one another
  • We act with integrity


We always look for better ways to do things

  • We use knowledge and insight to achieve better outcomes
  • We continuously improve and learn from our experience
  • We combine curiosity with an entrepreneurial outlook