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    2023 Conference of the International Society for the Study of Drug Policy (ISSDP)

    RAND Europe hosts the ISSDP 2023 Conference in Leuven, Belgium on 30 May – 1 June 2023.

    30 May 2023

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    CCHSR In Conversation: General Practice in Crisis

    General practice (GP) in the UK is in crisis. Professor Martin Marshall and Murray Edwards join in a conversation with CCHSR to discuss possible solutions to the UK GP crisis.

    18 May 2023

  • News Release

    On World Sleep Day, New Research Reveals the Socioeconomic Impact of Insomnia on Global Populations

    Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder and exacts a significant toll on an individual's mental and physical health, quality of life, and productivity. But the consequences of insomnia go well beyond the individual, with cascading effects on families, employers, and global economies.

    17 Mar 2023

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    Funding awarded for research on Service children and the social care system

    Forces in Mind Trust has awarded £150,000 to RAND Europe for a research project on the needs of Service families in the children’s social care system.

    24 Feb 2023

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    RAND Europe hosts, "Preparing for Brexit: a monstrous task"

    RAND Europe’s Brussels office convened a lively and well-attended event following the publication of a report for the government of the Netherlands: “How the Dutch Approached Brexit”.

    22 Feb 2023

  • Media Advisory

    Media Call: RAND Experts Discuss First Year of Russia-Ukraine War

    RAND experts will discuss the state of the war as it approaches the one-year mark and what may lie ahead. Topics will include the Western alliance providing aid to Ukraine, expansion of NATO, the latest weapons systems and their capabilities, likely areas of upcoming fighting, prospects for an end to the war, and broader implications for global trade, diplomacy, and China-Taiwan tensions.

    30 Jan 2023

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    Annual review underscores need for evidence-informed policy

    The events of 2022 underscore the continuous nature of change and the constant need for policy informed by evidence. Spotlight 2022-2023 highlights selected projects that we undertook in our 30th anniversary year to address some of today’s most pressing policy issues.

    24 Jan 2023

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    Celebrating 30 years of RAND Europe

    In 2022, RAND Europe celebrated 30 years of delivering its mission to help improve policy and decision making through research and analysis. Hans Pung shared remarks with our Council of Advisors and selected alums and current staff reflected on impactful projects.

    01 Dec 2022

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    Hoorens, Pardal present at drug policy conferences

    With research and presentations by Stijn Hoorens and Mafalda Pardal at recent drug policy conferences, RAND Europe has made a name for itself in the drug policy research community, with more to come in 2023.

    30 Nov 2022

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    CCHSR lecture examines the potentials and pitfalls of digital healthcare in the 21st Century

    Professor Jonathan Benger CBE, Interim Chief Clinical Information Officer (CCIO) and Portfolio Lead for the Digital Citizen in the Transformation Directorate of NHS England, explored what “digital healthcare” really means, and how a misunderstanding of the benefits that technology can and cannot achieve is preventing us from realising the full potential of digital development and innovation.

    18 Nov 2022

  • News Release

    Life Sciences Sector on the Cusp of Realising Game-Changing Potential of Quantum Computing Technologies

    While a growing body of evidence shows the possible disruptive impact of quantum technologies across many sectors in the future, until now there has been little study into the potentially transformative impact of quantum computing in the life sciences.

    05 Oct 2022

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    RAND Europe, GMF Host Panel Discussion on Truth Decay in Europe

    RAND Europe, together with the German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) in Brussels, co-hosted an event on 20th September focused on Truth Decay in Europe. Attended by 40 external guests, the event was an opportunity to re-connect with Brussels contacts and introduce RAND Europe’s work to new audiences.

    29 Sep 2022

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    RAND Europe and King’s College London to run military research centre

    Two leading UK military research organisations have joined together to run a military research hub, the Forces in Mind Trust Research Centre, curating a free and accessible evidence base of research into ex-Service personnel and their families.

    01 Sep 2022

  • News Release

    Removing Barriers to Diversity in the UK and U.S. Militaries Could Bring Significant Operational and Strategic Advantage

    A new report from RAND Europe highlights the significant strategic advantage that embracing diversity in the military could bring to the United Kingdom and the United States. From the exceptional information skills prevalent in many neurodiverse individuals, to language capability and advantages associated with having a military force that reflects the makeup of wider society, the report finds a significant range of benefits.

    24 Aug 2022

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    RAND Europe supports Review of Armed Forces Incentivisation

    RAND Europe is collaborating with partner Ernst & Young to support the UK Ministry of Defence in conducting the Haythornthwaite Review of Armed Forces Incentivisation.

    15 Aug 2022

  • News Release

    Don't Cut Research Ties with China, Say UK Academics

    A new study from the not-for-profit research institute RAND Europe involving more than 80 UK-based academics from a range of disciplines and institutions finds a resounding appetite for continued collaboration with Chinese colleagues, despite acknowledged tension over security concerns.

    22 Jun 2022

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    Hans Pung interviewed by Global Philanthropic

    As part of Global Philanthropic's 20th anniversary, the organisation interviewed RAND Europe president Hans Pung, one of 20 selected leaders in philanthropy and the nonprofit sector., about the long term impact the pandemic could have on education for this generation of youth and the impact of mental health on society during the pandemic.

    16 Mar 2022

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    Annual review highlights evidence-based research

    The complexities of COVID-19 have increased the importance of evidence-based policymaking. Our annual review, Spotlight 2021-2022, highlights selected RAND Europe projects that address the important issues of our time.

    23 Feb 2022

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    Investment in languages education could return double for UK economy

    Investing in languages education in the UK will return more than the investment cost, even under conservative assumptions, according to a new study from RAND Europe and the University of Cambridge, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

    22 Feb 2022

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    RAND Europe supports KCL to secure long-term contract delivering defence and security education

    King’s College London (KCL) has successfully secured the Ministry of Defence (MoD) contract to deliver professional military education at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom. RAND Europe and Cranfield University will be collaborating with KCL to deliver this contract over the next few years.

    18 Jan 2022