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    Don't Cut Research Ties with China, Say UK Academics

    A new study from the not-for-profit research institute RAND Europe involving more than 80 UK-based academics from a range of disciplines and institutions finds a resounding appetite for continued collaboration with Chinese colleagues, despite acknowledged tension over security concerns.

    22 Jun 2022

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    Hans Pung interviewed by Global Philanthropic

    As part of Global Philanthropic's 20th anniversary, the organisation interviewed RAND Europe president Hans Pung, one of 20 selected leaders in philanthropy and the nonprofit sector., about the long term impact the pandemic could have on education for this generation of youth and the impact of mental health on society during the pandemic.

    16 Mar 2022

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    Annual review highlights evidence-based research

    The complexities of COVID-19 have increased the importance of evidence-based policymaking. Our annual review, Spotlight 2021-2022, highlights selected RAND Europe projects that address the important issues of our time.

    23 Feb 2022

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    Investment in languages education could return double for UK economy

    Investing in languages education in the UK will return more than the investment cost, even under conservative assumptions, according to a new study from RAND Europe and the University of Cambridge, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

    22 Feb 2022

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    RAND Europe supports KCL to secure long-term contract delivering defence and security education

    King’s College London (KCL) has successfully secured the Ministry of Defence (MoD) contract to deliver professional military education at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom. RAND Europe and Cranfield University will be collaborating with KCL to deliver this contract over the next few years.

    18 Jan 2022

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    Greater Adoption of Telemedicine Could Reap Benefits for the Canadian Economy of Nearly 6 Billion CAD Annually

    Increasing the use of telemedicine in Canada through teleconsultations between patients and their primary care provider could lead to benefits for patients, society, and the economy. The economic value of time saved, through fewer hours spent on traveling to appointments and waiting, could be up to 5 billion CAD alone each year.

    06 Dec 2021

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    Fahy Speaks at World Hospital Congress in Barcelona

    Discussing his research into the pandemic's influence on use of digital health tools, Research Group Director Nick Fahy posed the question, ‘Is it a bicycle or an elastic band?’ That is, will the use of digital health technology snap back after the pandemic ends, or will the pandemic spur on greater use over time?

    29 Nov 2021

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    CCHSR lecture examines the promise of universal NHS healthcare

    Charlotte Augst, Chief Executive of National Voices, shared her thoughts on the ‘universality’ of NHS services as a promise more complex than widely assumed. A deeper understanding of what this promise means now may enable a more progressive, inclusive and human-shaped recovery.

    18 Nov 2021

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    Black provides expertise at numerous space policy events

    Research Leader and space policy expert James Black has a busy month, with three engagements at UK and international events.

    03 Nov 2021

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    Fahy joins RAND Europe to direct health and wellbeing research group

    Dr Nicholas (Nick) Fahy has joined RAND Europe as the new group director for health and wellbeing research, including health systems and healthcare innovation, workplace wellbeing, and the behavioural and social determinants of health and wellbeing.

    18 Oct 2021

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    Testimony addresses tech and the future of UK foreign policy

    Researchers presented written testimony to the UK House of Commons concerning how the FCDO could support the UK’s response to the opportunities and challenges presented by new and emerging technologies. This could be through new forms of diplomatic engagement and building globally shared understandings of standards, rules and norms for the responsible development and use of new technologies.

    21 Sep 2021

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    Testimony addresses UK space defence

    Researchers presented written evidence to the UK House of Commons Defence Select Committee concerning the Government’s approach to developing and protecting the UK’s defence space capabilities, including interoperability with allies, improving the resilience of assets, aligning private sector investment, and ensuring high calibre staffing.

    30 Jul 2021

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    Wilkinson brings defence strategy, acquisition and economics expertise

    Dr Ben Wilkinson has joined RAND Europe as Senior Research Leader in the Defence, Security and Infrastructure Team. An expert in defence and security issues, his work will deepen and expand RAND Europe’s reputation as a trusted centre of research and analysis in these areas.

    05 Jul 2021

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    Liaison and Diversion Services Can Help Vulnerable People in the Criminal Justice System

    An NHS England programme aimed at supporting vulnerable people in the criminal justice system may significantly reduce the chances of those with mental and other health needs from receiving custodial sentences.

    12 Apr 2021

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    Experts discuss how to redesign jobs for better employee wellbeing at Cambridge Festival webinar

    In this webinar presented by RAND Europe for Cambridge Festival 2021, research experts Prof Chris Warhurst and Christian van Stolk discussed how we could be exploring ways to create better jobs and a better society as a result. Research leader Mike Whitmore moderated the talk.

    29 Mar 2021

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    RAND Europe appoints Magdalena Douleva as its first Director of Development

    RAND Europe president Hans Pung welcomes Magdalena Douleva’s appointment as part of ambitious plans to broaden the organisation’s impact by exploring how philanthropic gifts could allow us to examine new and cross-cutting areas of policy importance.

    01 Feb 2021

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    Bridget Kendall MBE joins RAND Europe’s Council of Advisors

    RAND Europe is pleased to announce the appointment of former BBC Correspondent Bridget Kendall MBE to our Council of Advisors.

    27 Jan 2021

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    Spotlight highlights research from a turbulent year

    Spotlight 2020–2021 features examples of our research that helped to improve people's lives during a challenging year. It also highlights a selection of research initiatives on the horizon for 2021.

    26 Jan 2021

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    RAND Europe supports the Air Power Conference 2020

    RAND Europe supported this year’s Air Power Conference, which focused on how the UK can deter and meet the challenges of increased air power competition and the proliferation of advanced weapons systems. Research leader James Black was one of the event's featured speakers.

    09 Dec 2020

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    CCHSR lecture focuses on importance of early cancer diagnosis

    Professor Sir Michael Richards, an eminent cancer specialist, presented this year’s Cambridge Centre for Health Services Research lecture. He discussed how, even though cancer survival in England has improved steadily over the past 20 years, survival rates for most types of cancer continue to lag behind those in other developed countries.

    12 Nov 2020