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  • Nick Fahy


    Fahy joins RAND Europe to direct health and wellbeing research group

    Dr Nicholas (Nick) Fahy has joined RAND Europe as the new group director for health and wellbeing research, including health systems and healthcare innovation, workplace wellbeing, and the behavioural and social determinants of health and wellbeing.

    18 Oct 2021

  • Two men looking at a mobile phone, photo by Muhammad Faiz Zulkeflee/Unsplash


    Testimony addresses tech and the future of UK foreign policy

    Researchers presented written testimony to the UK House of Commons concerning how the FCDO could support the UK’s response to the opportunities and challenges presented by new and emerging technologies. This could be through new forms of diplomatic engagement and building globally shared understandings of standards, rules and norms for the responsible development and use of new technologies.

    21 Sep 2021

  • Cloud-free view of Great Britain and Ireland, taken from Envisat on 28 March 2012, photo by European Space Agency/CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO


    Testimony addresses UK space defence

    Researchers presented written evidence to the UK House of Commons Defence Select Committee concerning the Government’s approach to developing and protecting the UK’s defence space capabilities, including interoperability with allies, improving the resilience of assets, aligning private sector investment, and ensuring high calibre staffing.

    30 Jul 2021

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    Drew joins RAND Europe, focuses on security and emerging technologies

    Dr Alexi Drew has joined RAND Europe to build its expertise in the defence and security area on issues relating to emerging technologies and their security and geopolitical implications.

    05 Jul 2021

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    Wilkinson brings defence strategy, acquisition and economics expertise

    Dr Ben Wilkinson has joined RAND Europe as Senior Research Leader in the Defence, Security and Infrastructure Team. An expert in defence and security issues, his work will deepen and expand RAND Europe’s reputation as a trusted centre of research and analysis in these areas.

    05 Jul 2021

  • News Release

    News Release

    Liaison and Diversion Services Can Help Vulnerable People in the Criminal Justice System

    An NHS England programme aimed at supporting vulnerable people in the criminal justice system may significantly reduce the chances of those with mental and other health needs from receiving custodial sentences.

    12 Apr 2021

  • Chris van Stolk participates in a virtual event


    Experts discuss how to redesign jobs for better employee wellbeing at Cambridge Festival webinar

    In this webinar presented by RAND Europe for Cambridge Festival 2021, research experts Prof Chris Warhurst and Christian van Stolk discussed how we could be exploring ways to create better jobs and a better society as a result. Research leader Mike Whitmore moderated the talk.

    29 Mar 2021

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    RAND Europe appoints Magdalena Douleva as its first Director of Development

    RAND Europe president Hans Pung welcomes Magdalena Douleva’s appointment as part of ambitious plans to broaden the organisation’s impact by exploring how philanthropic gifts could allow us to examine new and cross-cutting areas of policy importance.

    01 Feb 2021

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    Bridget Kendall MBE joins RAND Europe’s Council of Advisors

    RAND Europe is pleased to announce the appointment of former BBC Correspondent Bridget Kendall MBE to our Council of Advisors.

    27 Jan 2021

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    Spotlight highlights research from a turbulent year

    Spotlight 2020–2021 features examples of our research that helped to improve people's lives during a challenging year. It also highlights a selection of research initiatives on the horizon for 2021.

    26 Jan 2021

  • BAE Systems Tempest, photo from Royal Aeronautical Society


    RAND Europe supports the Air Power Conference 2020

    RAND Europe supported this year’s Air Power Conference, which focused on how the UK can deter and meet the challenges of increased air power competition and the proliferation of advanced weapons systems. Research leader James Black was one of the event's featured speakers.

    09 Dec 2020

  • Professor Sir Mike Richards gives the CCHSR Annual Lecture 2020


    CCHSR lecture focuses on importance of early cancer diagnosis

    Professor Sir Michael Richards, an eminent cancer specialist, presented this year’s Cambridge Centre for Health Services Research lecture. He discussed how, even though cancer survival in England has improved steadily over the past 20 years, survival rates for most types of cancer continue to lag behind those in other developed countries.

    12 Nov 2020

  • Russia COVID-19 vaccine and syringe, photo by Feydzhet Shabanov/Adobe Stock

    News Release

    COVID-19 'Vaccine Nationalism' Could Cost the World Up to $1.2 Trillion a Year

    Nationalistic behaviour by governments may exclude some countries from gaining access to COVID-19 vaccines and cost the global economy up to $1.2 trillion a year in GDP, according to a new study from the not-for-profit research organisation RAND Europe.

    28 Oct 2020

  • Laboratory researchers working, photo by Vasyl/Adobe Stock


    UKRI-commissioned study conducts real-time review of upcoming REF 2021

    A new study led by RAND Europe will conduct a real-time review of the upcoming REF 2021, evaluating researchers’ perceptions of the assessment process while they are preparing and submitting their work.

    05 Oct 2020

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    Professor Dahlan joins RAND Europe Council of Advisors

    RAND Europe is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Malik Dahlan, a transnational regulatory lawyer and policy expert, to its Council of Advisors.

    14 Sep 2020

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    Experts discuss COVID-19 and new security and defence challenges in Europe

    Questions around security and defence in Europe and the impacts of COVID-19 were addressed by RAND Europe experts in a webinar hosted by the Luiss School of Government on the 28th May 2020.

    05 Jun 2020

  • News Release

    Tackling staffing and funding issues in the NHS is necessary for improvement but not enough

    The NHS could move towards a more sustainable model of healthcare delivery that is fit for purpose if it empowered staff to be able to embrace innovation as a mindset, attitude, culture and practice, according to a new study by RAND Europe and the University of Manchester.

    29 Jan 2020

  • British and European Union flags in a cloudy sky, photo by themotioncloud/Getty Images

    News Release

    Further trade uncertainty related to Brexit could cost UK economy billions

    The UK's departure from the EU on January 31, 2020, will end only the first phase of trade uncertainty owing to Brexit, according to a new RAND Europe study. Costs to the UK economy are likely to continue during the UK–EU renegotiation period and will increase over time.

    28 Jan 2020

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    Spotlight 2019-2020 highlights a year of evidence-based insights

    Spotlight 2019–2020 highlights our work, including defining possible directions for education and youth policy in the EU, analysing strategies to improve social media literacy in the age of disinformation, mapping the European defence skills landscape, and quantifying the wider societal costs of disease.

    28 Jan 2020

  • Pregnant woman works at a computer, photo by izusek/Getty Images

    News Release

    The NHS Spends Significantly Less on Pregnancy-Related Research Compared with Other Health Conditions

    The National Health Service spends significantly less on pregnancy-related research compared with other health conditions. Funding for pregnancy research totaled £255 million from 2013 to 2017, or about £51 million a year. As pregnancy care costs the NHS £5.8 billion annually, this means that for every £1 spent on pregnancy care, less than 1 penny is spent on research.

    14 Jan 2020