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Latest Releases

  • Tackling Child Poverty and Social Exclusion in the EU: How EU Funding Mechanisms Can Help May 11, 2018

    Katherine Stewart, Barbara Janta

    This paper prepared for the European Platform for Investing in Children (EPIC), sets out the different EU programmes and funds available to fight poverty among children in the EU and promote their social inclusion and general well-being.

  • A Preliminary Assessment of Indonesia's Maritime Security Threats and Capabilities April 18, 2018

    Lyle J. Morris, Giacomo Persi Paoli

    In recent years, Indonesia has re-conceptualised its identity as a maritime nation whose livelihood both derives from and depends upon the sea, evidenced by President Joko Widodo's Global Maritime Fulcrum and Sea Policy proposals. This study identifies the threats and priority areas for Indonesia in the maritime security domain as a first step in an overall assessment of capability requirements and gaps

  • RAND Europe ...on a page April 4, 2018

    RAND Europe ...on a page describes the characteristics of our research, people and organisation. It explains why our clients rely on us to be a trusted source for objective policy research and analysis in Europe.

  • Understanding the Drivers of Organisational Capacity March 29, 2018

    Kate Cox, Stephen Jolly, Simon Van Der Staaij, Christian Van Stolk

    This RAND Europe study, conducted in collaboration with the Saatchi Institute, examines organisational capacity assessment. This study explores how organisational capacity is understood and measured in a range of organisations, before analysing how culture and communication drive organisational performance and offering an initial outline of a diagnostic tool for organisational capacity.

  • A focus on education March 29, 2018

    Education stands at the forefront of policy agendas as children grow up in an increasingly complex and connected world. A focus on education looks at the core areas in education, detailing RAND Europe's expertise and work in the sector.