About RAND Europe

RAND Europe is a not-for-profit research organisation that helps to improve policy and decision making through research and analysis. Our findings and recommendations are based on rigorously peer-reviewed research and analysis. We aim to benefit the public interest through the impact and wide dissemination of our work.

With offices in Cambridge UK and Brussels BE, we work with a range of clients, including European governments and institutions, charities, foundations, universities and private sector firms seeking impartial, quality-assured research. They tell us that we are their most trusted research partners, helping them to solve complex and relevant problems through incisive analysis and transformational thinking. Four qualities sum up RAND Europe in terms of our research and as an organisation.


  • RAND Europe is not-for-profit. Our research is empirical, objective and nonaligned to political or special interests.
  • All of our work is quality assured and peer reviewed, reaching a standard others seek to emulate.
  • RAND Europe’s Council of Advisors represents a body of distinguished experts in their fields.


  • RAND Europe combines intellectual rigour with practical actionable solutions.
  • Our research contributes to tangible changes in policy, processes and methods. It shapes policy agendas and informs debates.
  • Our clients trust us to be a source of quality, objective policy research in Europe.


  • Our staff represents 22 nationalities, speaks 20 languages and covers 31 academic disciplines. Our multi- and interdisciplinary approaches to research generate unique perspectives and insights.
  • Current areas of research expertise include health, transport, criminal justice systems, defence and security, science and innovation, employment and social policy, education, transport and technology policy.
  • We draw on the expertise of collaborators. For example, RAND Europe and the University of Cambridge are partners of the Cambridge Centre for Health Services Research.


  • RAND Europe brings fresh approaches to tackle complex questions by establishing new angles of enquiry and new methodologies for research.
  • We self-fund research to explore ‘horizon’ issues requiring exploration but lacking contract funding.
  • As part of the RAND Corporation, we build on critical thinking and innovative methods that have evolved over the past 65 years.
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