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  • Soldiers from 1st Cavalry Division crouch in front of tanks during an exercise

    Forecasting the Demand for U.S. Ground Forces

    Jul 6, 2022

    Military planners need to preemptively build, shape, and prepare U.S. forces for the kinds of missions they are most likely to encounter in the future. Researchers used a dynamic forecasting model to project future U.S. interventions through the year 2040, and assess potential demands for U.S. ground forces.

  • An M1A2 Abrams main battle tank fires during an exercise in Egypt

    Forecasting the Demand for U.S. Ground Forces: An Interactive Tool

    Jul 6, 2022

    This interactive tool uses a dynamic forecasting model to project future demand for U.S. ground forces. The resulting forecasts can help inform U.S. military decisions regarding future force planning, posture, and investments.

  • A soldier from the 642nd Aviation Support Battalion meditates during a lunch break

    The Impact of Mindfulness Meditation Programs on Performance-Related Outcomes

    May 10, 2022

    This report presents results from a systematic review and meta-analyses of research examining how mindfulness meditation affects 13 performance-related outcomes of interest to the U.S. Army and broader military.

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