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  • Col. Anthony L. Wilson congratulates Troopers after their successful completion of a spur ride, November 22, 2021, photo by SFC Gary Cooper/U.S. Army

    Black Veterans Generally Have a Better Quality of Life Than Black Non-Veterans

    Black veterans tend to have higher incomes and higher rates of home ownership than Black Americans who are not veterans. But the economic picture is less positive when compared with White Americans. Also, Black veterans experience more health concerns than Black or White civilians.

    Nov 9, 2022

  • Commanding General of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force awards U.S. Marines and Soldiers a challenge coin during an award ceremony in Okinawa, Japan, February 2019, photo by Joshua Sechser/U.S. Department of Defense

    How China Might React to Shifting U.S. Posture in the Indo-Pacific

    As the U.S. military weighs posture enhancements in the Indo-Pacific to counter China's military development and influence, understanding how China is likely to react to these changes is critical. A new framework offers key factors that U.S. policymakers and military planners should consider.

    Oct 25, 2022

  • Soldiers from 1st Cavalry Division crouch in front of tanks during an exercise

    Forecasting the Demand for U.S. Ground Forces

    Military planners need to preemptively build, shape, and prepare U.S. forces for the kinds of missions they are most likely to encounter in the future. Researchers used a dynamic forecasting model to project future U.S. interventions through the year 2040, and assess potential demands for U.S. ground forces.

    Jul 6, 2022

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