About Arroyo

Founded in 1982, the Arroyo Center is the United States Army's sole federally funded research and development center (FFRDC) for studies and analysis. At RAND, the center is housed within RAND's Army Research Division.

As an FFRDC, Arroyo enables the Army to maintain a strategic relationship with an independent, nonprofit source of high-quality, objective analysis that can sustain deep expertise in domains of direct relevance to perennial Army concerns.

RAND Arroyo Center's mission is to:

  • Conduct objective analytic research on major policy concerns, with an emphasis on mid- to long-term policy issues.
  • Help the Army improve effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Provide short-term assistance on urgent problems.
  • Be a catalyst for needed change.


The Army's oversight and management of RAND Arroyo Center are stipulated by Army Regulation 5-21. The regulation establishes a governing board of Army leaders known as the Arroyo Center Policy Committee (ACPC), co-chaired by the Under Secretary of the Army and the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army. The ACPC provides overall guidance, reviews the annual research plan, and approves individual projects.

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RAND Arroyo Center Research Programs:

  • Strategy, Doctrine, and Resources Program

    The Strategy, Doctrine, and Resources Program analyzes the implications of the dynamic security environment for future strategic concepts, Army roles and missions, force structure, capabilities, doctrine, and resourcing requirements.

  • Forces and Logistics Program

    The Forces and Logistics Program integrates the development and employment of forces with operational logistics and the end-to-end process to acquire, sustain the readiness of, and modernize equipment.

  • Personnel, Training, and Health Program

    The Personnel, Training, and Health Program focuses on policies that help the U.S. Army attract and retain the right people, train and manage them in a way that maximizes their capabilities, saves lives, and advances wellness.