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The RAND Arroyo Center (Arroyo), governed by Army Regulation 5-21, is the U.S. Army's only Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) for studies and policy analysis. Arroyo is a division of the RAND Corporation, an independent nonprofit organization.

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Initiating a RAND Arroyo Center Project

  • The contract under which Arroyo supports the U.S. Army, W91CRB-15-D-0022, is a five-year, cost-plus-fixed-fee vehicle. New projects are added to Arroyo’s contract via task order.
  • Funding is not limited to RDT&E and O&M funds. It may cross several appropriations and program elements.

An Army organization can initiate an Arroyo research project in one of two ways:

1.  Program Element (PE)-Funded Annual Core Research Program

Every spring, the Executive Agent of the RAND Arroyo Center (Director of Program Analysis and Evaluation) issues a request for study proposals for the core research program of the RAND Arroyo Center for the coming fiscal year. Any Army personnel may submit a study proposal for consideration, provided the command supports the study. Study sponsors should note that acceptance of the submission of a proposal does not guarantee funding. The core research agenda is constrained by the funding available to the Arroyo Program Element. The annual research agenda is reviewed and approved in the fall by Arroyo's governing body, the Arroyo Center Policy Committee, chaired by the Assistant Secretary of the Army (ALT) and the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army. For additional information about the annual core research program, please contact

Arroyo's Contracting Officer's Representative (COR)

Pamela R. Henry
Program Development Division
(703) 697.6925 (u)


RAND Arroyo Center Director of Operations

Jocelyn Maciol
RAND Arroyo Center
1776 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 393.0411, ext. 6645

2.  Sponsor-Funded Add-On Projects

Army sponsors may initiate an Arroyo add-on research project at any time of year by requesting the work, submitting required documentation, and transmitting funds to pay for it. To initiate the process:

  • Contact the RAND Arroyo Center. Given Arroyo's close FFRDC relationship with the U.S. Army, ideas and requests for Arroyo add-on work may be originated in variety of circumstances and venues. In general, to initiate the process, a sponsor or an action officer contacts the appropriate program director or subject matter expert in the RAND Arroyo Center (see Key Points of Contact, below). If there is uncertainty as to the appropriate program director, Arroyo's Operations Director Jocelyn Maciol can help make that determination.
  • Draft a statement of work. The sponsor and the Arroyo center typically work together to draft a project description for review, discussion, and iteration. When the general scope of the desired work is agreed upon, the Arroyo Center and sponsor collaborate to finalize the project description/statement of work.
  • Collaborate on proposal preparation and documentation submission. Arroyo and Arroyo's COR will work with sponsors to prepare and submit required supporting documentation for all Arroyo add-on projects.
  • Transmit funds via GFEBS.

Key Arroyo Contact for New Studies