Request a New Arroyo Study

The RAND Arroyo Center ("Arroyo") is the United States Army's only federally funded research and development center (FFRDC) for studies and analysis. An Army organization can initiate an Arroyo research project in one of two ways: as part of the annual core research program or as a sponsor-funded add-on project. This page describes the add-on process.

The contract under which Arroyo supports the U.S. Army, W91CRB-21-D-0025, is a five-year, cost-plus-fixed-fee vehicle. New projects are added to Arroyo’s contract via task order.

Funding is not limited to RDT&E and O&M funds. It may cross several appropriations and program elements.

The Add-On Project Process

  1. Contact Arroyo. Potential sponsors should reach out directly to the relevant Arroyo Program Director. If you are uncertain which director to contact, reach out to Jocelyn Maciol, director of operations for RAND Arroyo Center, for assistance.

Forces and Logistics Program

M. Wade Markel, Director
(703) 413-1100, x5108,

Strategy, Doctrine, and Resources Program

Molly Dunigan, Director
(412) 683-2300, x4292,

Personnel, Training, and Health Program

Heather Krull, Director
703.413.1100, x4171,

  • Sponsor and Arroyo work together to draft a project description
  • Arroyo prepares a budget
  • Arroyo prepares a formal proposal package that includes:
    • Final project description
    • Detailed cost proposal
  • Arroyo delivers proposal package via PDF e-mail attachment to:
    • Action officer
    • Arroyo Contracting Officer's Representative (COR)
    • Army Studies Program Management Office
  • After review and agreement with the proposed work and cost estimate, the sponsoring organization submits the following documents:
    • Signed project description. PDF proposal package contains the project description with signature blocks for the Arroyo director, project sponsor, and COR.
    • Justification form for using FFRDC