Energy and Environment


RAND energy and environmental analyses examine the implications of existing and proposed energy policies on the environment. Building on a long history of policy research, RAND helps balance the need for environmental protections and economic development.

  • Fighter jet flying over a jetty at Buckroe Beach in Hampton, Virginia, photo by sherryvsmith/Adobe Stock and ozgurdonmaz/Getty Images


    Military and Local Governments Could Coordinate Climate Adaptation Plans

    Apr 28, 2020

    Contending with and preparing for the effects of climate change is a critical global challenge that will shape the security landscape over the next 20 years. What role can collaboration play in military and local government climate resilience planning?

  • Aerial photograph of the devastation caused in the greater New Orleans area following Hurricane Katrina, August 30, 2005, photo by Vincent Laforet/Pool/Reuters


    Planning for a COVID-19 Hurricane

    May 4, 2020

    What if Hurricane Katrina had hit during a pandemic? Emergency planners can prepare for this scenario by evaluating current response system capacity, evacuation and sheltering procedures, food and supply issues, and more.

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