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  • Future Aircraft Carrier Options

    As the U.S. Navy's legacy aircraft carrier force begins reaching expected service life in decades to come, a RAND project explores possible alternatives for consideration to potentially replace it. The variants are possible alternatives that could be developed for less cost than the current program and potentially with sufficient capability.

Blog Posts and Media Coverage

  • It's Time for the International Community to Get Serious About Vulnerability Equities

    Nov 15, 2017

    Multiple countries around the world are likely discovering, retaining and exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities without a process to properly consider the trade-offs. This needs to change. It’s time for the international community to get serious about vulnerability equities.

  • The Future of Counterterrorism Efforts in Syria

    Nov 15, 2017

    It is time for the U.S.-led Coalition to figure out what its next counterterrorism steps should be, even as it continues to work toward stabilizing the country and navigating the path toward a political settlement with the other major powers involved.

  • Why Africa Could Provide an 'ISIS Renaissance'

    Nov 15, 2017

    ISIS has been one of the most formidable and well-organized terrorist groups in history and it would be naive to assume that ISIS will simply cease operations in the face of recent losses. More likely, the group, along with its many followers, will attempt to disperse to a new base, and parts of Africa are likely targets for a new caliphate.

  • Exploring Trust, Leadership, and 'Analytic Courage'

    Nov 15, 2017

    Leaders in business, government, academia, and philanthropy gathered at RAND's headquarters in Santa Monica to pay tribute to the seven-decade relationship between RAND and the U.S. Air Force. Panelists discussed the importance of trusted advice to inform national security descisonmaking.

  • How NATO Could Accidentally Trigger a War with Russia

    Nov 13, 2017

    An increased NATO presence in the Baltics could motivate Russia for an invasion. U.S. and NATO deployments in the region should take seriously Russian beliefs about NATO capabilities in planning future deployments, and by pursuing transparency and negotiation in future deployments in the Baltic region.

  • Saudi Arabia and Iran May Be Headed Toward War

    Nov 13, 2017

    America should encourage Tehran and Riyadh to settle their differences, not facilitate aggressive Saudi action. Otherwise, the region will be plunged into an even bigger crisis—without an end in sight.

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