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  • Hypersonic Missile Nonproliferation

    RAND researchers present an overview of their key findings on hypersonic missiles — a new class of threat that could penetrate most missile defenses and compress the timelines for a nation under attack to respond.

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  • Stabilization Is Essential to Accomplishing the Mission

    Apr 24, 2018

    As the inevitable “what next” questions swirl around Iraq and Syria, and military gains remain fragile, military commanders have come to the forefront in pushing for a new model. They warn that total withdrawal will ensure bad things fill the vacuum.

  • How Artificial Intelligence Could Increase the Risk of Nuclear War

    Apr 24, 2018

    Advances in AI have provoked a new kind of arms race among nuclear powers. This technology could challenge the basic rules of nuclear deterrence and lead to catastrophic miscalculations.

  • Defeating the ISIS Nostalgia Narrative

    Apr 19, 2018

    It is crucial that the United States and its coalition partners take into consideration and preempt the ISIS nostalgia narratives that may seek to define the group's legacy and prepare a foundation for its resurgence throughout the Middle East and beyond. The legacy ISIS should be remembered for is one of misery and despair.

  • Arms Control Hostage to Skripal and Syria Attacks

    Apr 19, 2018

    Two prominent poisoning assassination attempts and Kremlin denials of gas attacks by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad raise doubts about Moscow's commitment to the purposes of the Chemical Weapons Convention. Never has the future of negotiated arms control involving Russia been at greater risk.

  • Are Chemical Weapons Becoming a Tacitly Accepted Weapon of War?

    Apr 18, 2018

    The international community should consider serious options to hold perpetrators of chemical attacks accountable and stop further attacks. These are not easy choices. But the alternative is accepting that long-held norms are crumbling, and the world is sliding back to a time when inhumane tools of war were common.

  • Why the U.S.-Japan Summit Matters

    Apr 17, 2018

    After a year and half of relative stability, the The United States and Japan now must talk about difficult issues in which they have vested interests. As allies, and close friends, they could both benefit from reconfirming common goals and establishing a set of strategies to deal with challenges.

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