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RAND's research on law, business, and government includes analyses of the criminal and civil justice systems, governments and political systems, international trade and economic development, and the banking and finance sectors. Notable studies have addressed the effects of gun policies in the United States and liability in the age of autonomous vehicles.

  • Tool

    Visualizing Firearm Mortality and Law Effects

    The Firearm Law Effects and Mortality Explorer provides information about the distribution of firearm deaths across states and demographic subgroups and allows users to explore how those deaths might be affected by the implementation of a set of commonly enacted state firearm laws.

    Apr 2, 2024

  • Commentary

    The Middle Corridor: A Renaissance in Global Commerce

    The Middle Corridor's journey toward becoming a viable alternative to existing trade routes will be met with tough challenges. But with renewed international investment and cooperation, it could emerge as a cornerstone of 21st-century trade connectivity.

    Mar 12, 2024

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