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  • Girl Scouts from across eastern Massachusetts welcome home more than 50 base Airmen June 27 at Hanscom Air Force Base, Mass. The gathering was part of a Heroes' Homecoming celebration. Earlier this year, hundreds of Girl Scouts came to Hanscom AFB to deliver more than 10,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies that were sent to deployed military members around the world, photo by Rick Berry/U.S. Air Force

    Twenty Years of Service: American Perspectives on What We Owe Veterans

    Sep 30, 2021

    The RAND Epstein Family Veterans Policy Research Institute will host its inaugural webinar on September 30. How much do Americans value veterans’ service to the country? After 20 years of war, what kind of benefits do veterans deserve? With the end of the war in Afghanistan, these questions are more relevant than ever. [Virtual]

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  • Prisoners in a classroom in Chino State Prison

    College Education in Prisons: A How-To Guide for Corrections Officials

    Sep 16, 2021

    RAND's Lois Davis will join a panel discussion on the experiences of corrections officials and higher education experts in launching college programs in prison. The webinar is co-sponsored by the Michelson 20MM Foundation. [Virtual]

  • Community Response and Resilience to Disaster: Lessons from the COVID-19 Crisis in Sitka, Alaska

    Jul 28, 2021

    Drawing on the experiences of NGOs in Sitka that were instrumental in addressing emergent challenges in the local community as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, this webinar examined how local, state, and federal governments can improve their collaboration with community-based organizations.

  • A group of candidates for a job holding clipboards. Photo by skynesher / Getty Images

    Rethinking How Employers Understand Risk in Background Checks

    Jun 16, 2021

    Employers use criminal background checks to make hiring decisions, but lack guidance on whether or how to use that information effectively. This workshop brings together policymakers, social scientists, employee advocates, employers, and other thought leaders to discuss these issues.

  • Young teacher teaching english kids in kindergarten classroom, photo by mangpor2004/AdobeStock

    Do Teachers Perceive That Their Main Instructional Materials Meet the Needs of English Learners (ELs) and Students with Disabilities (SWD)?

    Jun 8, 2021

    A recent survey examined what K–12 public school teachers think about their instructional materials. This webinar will present survey findings and implications for understanding equitable access to instructional materials for ELs, SWD, and students of color. [Virtual]

  • A man in a subway tunnel wearing gloves and a hoodie, looking at a mobile phone. Photo by Lorado / Getty Images

    Exiting Extremism: What Binds People to Extremist Groups and How Organizations Help Them Leave

    Jun 2, 2021

    What leads people to join violent extremist groups and how do they become deradicalized? This one-hour webinar will explore the forces that pull individuals to extremist groups, the binds that keep them connected, and why leaving can be so difficult.

  • A field of solar photovoltaic panels that form part of the Mohammed bin Rashid Solar Park in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on 17 January 2018, photo by Dominic Dudley/Adobe Stock

    Climate Cooperation and Sustainability Initiatives in the UAE

    May 4, 2021

    At this roundtable discussion, a panel of experts will discuss the United Arab Emirates' climate-related initiatives and multilateral collaborative efforts across the fields of energy, environment, and economic development. [Virtual]

  • Female high school teacher standing by table with students teaching lesson, photo by Adobe Stock

    How Teachers and School Leaders Shape Use of Instructional Materials

    May 3, 2021

    Teachers exercise great autonomy in how they use, modify and supplement their instructional materials. This webinar will present findings on teacher and school leader perceptions of instructional materials during the COVID-19 pandemic. [Virtual]

  • A woman wearing a mask and gloves holds a sign that says she lost her job due to COVID-19, photo by tataks/Getty Images

    Changing Unemployment and the Post-Pandemic Workforce

    Apr 29, 2021

    In this RAND Remote conversation, economist Kathryn Edwards will discuss ways the pandemic is changing how we treat unemployment. She'll describe options for workforce recovery, including drawing women workers back into the labor force. [Virtual]

  • Fourth-year medical student Anna Roesler administers the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine at Indiana University Health, Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S., December 16, 2020, photo by Bryan Woolston/Reuters

    COVID-19 Vaccine Liability and Compensation in the United States

    Apr 16, 2021

    Although serious vaccine injuries are very rare, the United States has two federal compensation systems for people who have been harmed from vaccines. In this webinar experts discuss how those who believe they are injured by COVID-19 vaccines can seek compensation for medical costs, work time, and other losses. [Virtual]

  • Finger hovering over an illuminated button with a radiation warning sign, photo by davidhills/Getty Images

    A Disarming Mission: A RAND Conversation with William Perry and Tom Collina

    Mar 25, 2021

    In this RAND Remote conversation, former Secretary of Defense William Perry and Tom Collina, director of policy at Ploughshares Fund, will discuss nuclear executive authority and topics covered in their book, The Button: The New Nuclear Arms Race and Presidential Power from Truman to Trump. [Virtual]

  • Blue futuristic background. Bitcoin and blockchain. Electronic cryptocurrency and technology, photo by vit_mar/AdobeStockBlue futuristic background. Bitcoin and blockchain. Electronic cryptocurrency and technology, photo by vit_mar/AdobeStock

    The U.S- Japan Economic Relationship and Views of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

    Mar 24, 2021

    This conference is part of the U.S.-Japan Socioeconomic Policy Exchange event series. It will first set the stage for with a discussion of the importance of the overall development of the U.S.-Japan economic relationship and then delve into the perspectives of blockchain and cryptocurrency experts from the U.S. and Japan. [Virtual]

  • Doctor Maria Alonso and medical students from the University of Puerto Rico visit patients in a neighborhood affected by Hurricane Maria in September, in Corozal, Puerto Rico, January 20, 2018, photo by Alvin Baez/Reuters

    Partnering with Communities on Puerto Rico Disaster Recovery

    Feb 25, 2021

    After Hurricanes Irma and Maria struck Puerto Rico in 2017, RAND helped its government develop a comprehensive recovery plan. In this RAND Remote conversation, Marielena Lara and Gabriela Castro will discuss the partnered approach they used to support reconstruction and recovery efforts. [Virtual]

  • Hardware security, computer data protection and electronic technology concept, circuit board and shield icon on blue background with digital code By CybrainHardware security, computer data protection and electronic technology concept, circuit board and shield icon on blue background with digital code, photo by Cybrain/AdobeStock

    The U.S.-Japan Alliance: Advancing Cooperation on Strategic Technology and Defense

    Feb 23, 2021

    This two-day conference is part of the ongoing U.S.-Japan Alliance event series. On February 23, speakers will address the next phase in U.S- Japan defense cooperation. On February 25, the focus will be the challenge of building trusted 5G communications networks. [Virtual]

  • A man participates in a virtual meeting from home

    The United States, Japan, and the Rise of Telework during the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Feb 4, 2021

    As both the U.S. and Japan respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, a major shift has occurred towards support for and use of teleworking as a way to safely continue to engage in certain types of job fields. The growth of telework raises a number of interesting questions about the future of certain types of economic activities in both countries. [Virtual]

  • Closeup shot of two people holding hands in comfort, photo by PeopleImages/Getty Images

    High Stakes: Fostering Innovation to Stem the Tide of America's Drug Problems

    Jan 28, 2021

    In this video conversation, Beau Kilmer will discuss how RAND is identifying and evaluating innovative approaches to tackle some of America's most pressing drug problems and to help strengthen and safeguard communities. [Virtual]

  • wparota coronavirus covid-19 V-Day

    COVID-19 Vaccine Cross-Border Liability and Compensation 

    Dec 22, 2020

    Join a panel of experts to discuss the challenges in facilitating the global distribution of COVID-19 vaccines and preventing concerns over liability and compensation from affecting the vaccine supply chain and the uptake of the vaccine by the public. [Virtual]

  • Multi-generation family sitting on sofa at home reading book with baby granddaughters, photo by Monkey Business/AdobeStock

    RAND Behavioral Finance Forum 2020

    Oct 29, 2020

    The RAND Behavioral Finance Forum brings together academic, financial, and government leaders to share cutting-edge behavioral research in financial decisionmaking. The 2020 annual conference will take place online on October 14, 23, and 29. [Virtual]

  • A fentanyl user displays a "safe supply" of opioid alternatives, including morphine pills, provided by the local health unit in Vancouver, Canada, April 6, 2020, photo by Jesse Winter/Reuters

    Opioid Litigation: What's New and What Does It Mean for Future Litigation?

    Oct 22, 2020

    More than 2,000 plaintiffs have now joined the largest civil trial in U.S. history: National Prescription Opiate Litigation (MDL 2804). In this virtual event, a distinguished group of attorneys, judges, and scholars will discuss the opioid litigation and its impacts on the future of mass litigation. [Virtual]

  • COVID-19 newspaper headline clippings, photo by JJ Gouin/Getty Images

    Tackling an Evolving Pandemic

    Oct 22, 2020

    In this video conversation, Jennifer Bouey will discuss RAND's rapid COVID-19 response, including insights and analysis to help strengthen and safeguard communities, rethink and retool institutions, and determine the best ways forward. [Virtual]

  • A group of people stacking their hands together, photo by pixelfit/Getty Images

    Advancing Racial Equity Policy

    Oct 6, 2020

    In this video conversation, Anita Chandra and Benjamin Preston will discuss RAND's efforts to address the challenges of racial equity from a variety of angles—and options for converting research into action. [Virtual]

  • A statue of Themis wearing a face mask and gloves, in front of volumes of law books. Photo by 101cats / Getty Images

    COVID-19 and the Courts

    Oct 1, 2020

    What impact has the COVID-19 pandemic had on the operation of courts? The RAND Institute for Civil Justice (ICJ) and the Berkeley Law Civil Justice Research Initiative (CJRI ) have assembled attorneys, judges, and scholars for a virtual event to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the court system. [Virtual]

  • An illustration of migration using silhouettes of people walking across the globe. Image by Carlos Gardel / Adobe Stock

    Trends in Mass Migration

    Sep 23, 2020

    Steadily rising numbers of migrants over the past two decades suggest that migration is becoming one of the most pressing issues of our time. This webinar series, brought to you by RAND’s Mass Migration Strategy Group, brings together RAND’s interdisciplinary work on migration-related trends, opportunities, challenges, and solutions. [Virtual]

  • U.S. Secretary of Defense Dr. Mark T. Esper speaks to the men and women of the North American Aerospace Defense Command

    RAND Visit by U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper

    Sep 16, 2020

    U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark T. Esper will visit RAND's Santa Monica headquarters and give brief remarks regarding the security competition with China and the state of the United States' defense industrial base. [Livestream]

  • A United Launch Alliance Delta II rocket carrying a NASA/National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration satellite was successfully launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base

    RAND Space Launch Virtual Forum

    Sep 8, 2020

    An expert panel brings together RAND researchers and a representative from the Department of the Air Force's Space and Missile Command to discuss topics related to space launch. [Virtual]