Rapid Changes in U.S. Illegal Fentanyl Market

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Quarterly insights from the RAND Drug Policy Research Center

May 2022

Close up of a fentanyl opiate pill in a plastic bag, photo by Bill Oxford/Getty Images

Rapid Changes in U.S. Illegal Fentanyl Market

The purity-adjusted price for illegally manufactured fentanyl (IMF) is decreasing in some parts of the market. In California, IMF seizures increasingly involve pills and powder without heroin. Read more »

Get Ready for the Internet of Bodies

RAND Researcher Dr. Mary Lee is working with the Drug Policy Research Center on our new Technology and Drug Policy Initiative. Check out her TEDx Talk on the Internet of Bodies.

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Close up of a man holding prescription pills in the palm of his hand, photo by Prostock-Studio/Getty Images

Photo by Prostock-Studio/Getty Images

Disparities in the Use of Illicit and Prescription Drugs Among Sexual Minority Adults

Compared to heterosexual adults, lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults have higher rates of any illicit drug use and any prescription drug misuse, yet disparities regarding specific drugs remain poorly characterized.

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Volunteers with the Red Sand Project raise awareness on the problem of human trafficking at information tables set up in Holiday Gas Stations in Great Falls, Montana, March 31, 2021, photo by Rion Sanders/USA Today via Reuters

Photo by Rion Sanders/USA Today via Reuters

Helping Sex Trafficking Victims with Substance Use Problems

Substance use disorders are common among sex trafficking victims. Drugs may be used to lure, coerce, or control victims, and these individuals may use substances to cope with trauma. This publication offers recommendations for addressing these issues.

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A woman reaches for a bottle of alcohol in a store, photo by Kanawa_Studio/Getty Images

Photo by Kanawa_Studio/Getty Images

Alcohol and COVID

Alcohol consumption during the coronavirus pandemic declined among men, while it remained steady among women. Researchers found that alcohol-related problems increased during the pandemic, by 49% for women and 69% for men, but the reasons for the problems remain unclear.

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