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Centre for Futures and Foresight Studies

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The ability to look forward and make informed projections about the future is important when setting strategy, making plans and evaluating potential courses of action. The future is inherently uncertain and predicting what will happen is impossible. However, all sectors and organisation types can benefit from thinking about what might happen and exploring the possible implications of different projected futures.

Futures and foresight techniques can help visualise what the future might look like, allowing the benefits and drawbacks of different options and actions to be explored.

Through the Centre for Futures and Foresight Studies (CFFS), RAND Europe uses futures techniques to help clients set strategy or determine policy, decide what capabilities they will need in the future, and keep abreast of trends and developments. From scenario planning to high-level gaming to horizon-scanning, CFFS produces actionable insights across both near- and longer-term time horizons.