Universal NHS healthcare: has the pandemic changed the promise?

2021 CCHSR Lecture

Woman sits on a blue chair waiting for the emergency room, photo by toodtuphoto/Adobe Stock

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Thursday, 18th November 2021


12:30–1:30 p.m. GMT

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Charlotte Augst is the Chief Executive of National Voices. She came to London in 1997, after completing a law degree in Germany, to pursue postgraduate studies at the University of London. She holds a PhD in law and medical ethics. Charlotte has held senior positions in health and research policy – in Parliament, for national regulators, and in the charitable sector.

Since starting at National Voices, Charlotte has led a strategic reorientation of the organisation towards a more visible role for its members – their insight, practice and innovations – and towards grounding National Voices’ influencing work more explicitly in the experience of people who live with ill health, disability or impairment.


With waiting times for non-emergency NHS care increasing and elective surgeries delayed, the NHS looks in danger of becoming an emergency-only service – even post pandemic. Charlotte Augst, Chief Executive of National Voices, an influential charity working to improve the lives of people who live with ill health, disability or impairment, will share her thoughts on the ‘universality’ of NHS services as a promise more complex than widely assumed. A deeper understanding of what this promise means now may enable a more progressive, inclusive and human-shaped recovery.