Sarah Michal Greathouse

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Behavioral and Social Scientist
Santa Monica Office


Ph.D. in psychology, John Jay College of Criminal Justice; M.S. in psychology, Florida International University; B.S. in psychology, Western Illinois University; B.S. in sociology, Western Illinois University

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Sarah Michal Greathouse is a behavioral and social scientist at the RAND Corporation. Her research uses social science theory and research methods to examine the efficacy of legal procedures within the criminal and civil justice systems. She has examined the efficacy of procedures within police departments, as well as the within the courts (Kovera & Greathouse, 2007; Greathouse & Kovera, 2009; Greathouse, Sothmann, Levett & Kovera, 2011). She has served as the editorial assistant for Law and Human Behavior, the official journal of the American Psychology-Law Society, and as editing manager of the Encyclopedia of Psychology and Law (Sage Publications). Prior to coming to RAND, she was an assistant professor of psychology at Iowa State University. Greathouse received her Ph.D. in experimental forensic psychology from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice at CUNY.

Selected Publications

Greathouse, S.M., Sothmann, F.C., Levett, L.M., & Kovera,. M.B., "The effects of voir dire when juveniles are tried as adults," Law and Human Behavior, 2011

Greathouse, S.M., Kovea, M.B., "Instruction bias and lineup presentation moderate the effects of lineup administrator knowledge on eyewitness accuracy," Law and Human Behavior, 33:70-82, 2009


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